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Decentralized Corporate and Trust Registrations

Blockchain Corporation - The Future and Revolution of Digital Commerce!

Entrepreneurs Across The World Can Now Gain Global Recognition, Acceptance, And Authentication With The Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority®

Our International Blockchain Corporate Registrations & Visa and MasterCard
Private Label Programs Are Available For Entrepreneurs Across The World.

It's Time to Own Your Decentralized Bank or Blockchain Corporation and
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How can a Blockchain Trust Company Charter be useful for your Business?

The primary benefit of the Blockchain Trust Company is the ability to engage in fiduciary activities and perform related functions. These include acting as a trustee, administrator, agent, custodian, investment manager, escrow agent, or fiscal or transfer agent, and generally holdings, safekeeping, investing, managing, or administering the property of another person.

Digital Asset Management, Custodian and fiduciary Services, the use of Blockchain Technology to Issue and Track Shares, Deposit-Taking, Card Issuance, and much more!

Blockchain Trust companies do not fall within the definition of "bank" for purposes of the federal Bank Holding Company Act, meaning that the parent company of a trust company is not deemed a bank holding company. Thus, a Blockchain Trust company and its affiliates are not subject to regulation by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, and its affiliates are not generally restricted in the types of activities they may conduct.


Moreover, a Blockchain Trust company could potentially be a useful part of the overall corporate structure of such a business, if such a business model included fiduciary aspects or required the safekeeping of assets other than fiat currency.  Decentralized Blockchain Trust companies are authorized to accept FIAT or CRYPTO deposits, which not only enhances their use for deposit-taking activities but also means that they have access to the low-cost funding provided by deposits.

The powers granted to Blockchain Trust companies, and their freedom from some of the more onerous obligations of the bank regulatory regime, have long made it an attractive charter type for asset and wealth managers and traditional fiduciaries. Today, this old charter is being put to new uses and proving a valuable tool for a variety of cutting-edge financial services business models through cutting-edge Blockchain technologies.

The Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority remains the most viable and secure service provider worldwide, with over six million Blockchain Corporate & Trust portfolios under management.


Become a partner in our huge success - Embrace Seamless Business Registrations and Authentication on the secure Blockchain. As you know, every Government business registrar is selling your data, with us your details are safe and anonymous. True FREEDOM for every entrepreneur.

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