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Blockchain Trust Business-in-a-Box

Setting up your tax-exempt Blockchain LLC or Trust is a breeze—taking less than 30 minutes, no matter where you are in the world. Create your own crypto coins for any business venture or tokenize your Real World Assets for capital raising or stamping your business's identity in the market.

Blockchain Trust Business-in-a-Box

Securely Registered on The Blockchain



Welcome to the cutting-edge realm of Real World Asset (RWA) Tokenization, where we blend the tangible with the digital, revolutionizing how you interact with and manage your assets. This platform stands at the forefront of bridging tangible assets with the digital blockchain realm, employing the versatile ERC-1155 standard for tokenizing real-world assets. Our collection of 24 asset classes includes premium real estate, iconic artworks, precious commodities, up to digital Blockchain Bonds, democratizing access to high-value investments.


Token holders enjoy fractional ownership, merging the tangible security of physical assets with blockchain's inherent liquidity, transparency, and security. Dive into a world where the physical and digital converge, opening new horizons for asset ownership and investment

Blockchain Trust Business-in-a-Box

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Blockchain Trust Business-in-a-Box

For Global Entrepreneurs, Anytime, Anywhere!

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Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority-Testomonials

Our Clients Say It Best:

Jose Bolsano Headshot

Dear Blockchain Trust Team,


We are thrilled to have experienced such an incredible setup with your platform. Navigating and utilizing your system during our Zoom meeting was a breeze, and we were able to establish the NT Healthcare Blockchain Trust in just 10 minutes. This efficiency truly speaks to the user-friendliness you've implemented, allowing even blockchain newcomers to register their entities without the usual governmental red tape.

The launch of NTCC is a significant milestone for us, and we appreciate the detailed information you've provided. Our due diligence on your documentation and services has revealed an incredibly crafted vision for using blockchain to create new business entities. The almost immediate verification of entity creation onto the blockchain was a remarkable outcome.


Thank you for the amazing experience and for your continued support in advancing cybersecurity in healthcare. We look forward to further collaboration and the successful launch of NTCC.


Best regards,


Jose Bolanos MD 

Nimbus-T Global inc


This note conveys appreciation and acknowledges the exceptional experience provided by the Blockchain Trust.

Jose Bolanos MD / CEO / Chairman 

Nimbus-Key ID & Authentication

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