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Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority


Do you trust your Government?


Blockchain technology was created as a response to the trust crisis that swept the world in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Bitcoin and other blockchain-based systems were presented as a “trustless” alternative to existing financial institutions and even governments. Yet, while the trustless nature of blockchain technology has been heavily questioned, little research has been done as to what blockchain technologies actually bring to the table in place of trust. Our business model draws from the extensive academic discussion on the concepts of “trust” and “confidence” to argue that blockchain technology is not a ‘trustless technology’ but rather a ‘confidence machine’.


Blockchain explained in plain English


Understanding how blockchain works and identifying myths about its powers are the first steps to developing blockchain technologies. Blockchain is an algorithm and distributed data structure for managing electronic cash without a central administrator among people who know nothing about one another. Originally designed for the crypto-currency Bitcoin, the blockchain architecture was driven by a radical rejection of (government-guaranteed) money and bank-controlled payments. Blockchain is a special instance of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), almost all of which have emerged in Bitcoin's wake.




Blockchain is a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that was invented to support the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was motivated by an extreme rejection of government-guaranteed money and bank-controlled payments. The developer of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned people spending money without friction, intermediaries, regulation, or the need to know or trust other parties. The network's algorithm ensures that each transaction is unique and secure.


Can Your Blockchain Trust Circumvent Economic Government Tyranny?


If you look at the information and insights on our current financial system, concerns, and questions about how we navigate as a society while Government tyranny is coming down in full force, you will realize the important role of owning a Blockchain Trust and the benefits of using cryptocurrencies for your business transactions.

A clear need for transparency

The past decade has seen a reinvigorated interest in the concept of trust, primarily driven by the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008, which has been commonly attributed to the failure of trusted institutions such as banks and other financial institutions. More recently, abuses of information and communication technologies for surveillance, dissemination of disinformation, and public coercion have come to light, leading to a growing loss of trust in governmental authorities—even in democracies such as the United States following the Snowden revelations—as well as in large online platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter, who have been complicit in such abuses. These developments have triggered a new attitude towards sociotechnical systems, whereby the requirement to trust third parties—whether they be corporations or governments—is considered to be more of a hindrance than a help. 

Fast Forward to the Year 2022 - Trust & Confidence without Government Interference!


Every Blockchain Trust is registered on the multiple Blockchain Networks

Your new BLOCKCHAIN TRUST will be legally registered and established on the Blockchain Networks and abides by the Laws and Regulations of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) regarding the international sale of goods; international commercial dispute resolution, including both arbitration and conciliation; electronic commerce; insolvency, including cross-border insolvency; international transport of goods; international payments; procurement and infrastructure development; and security interests.


Every Blockchain Trust is legally incorporated and registered in the Blockchain Business Registry under an individual Company Filing No. such as “000049991981” and an Authentication No. such as “BICRA2021.2110.8015” to identify and verify each Blockchain Trust with a different Company Filing No. and an individual Transaction Hash No. on the Blockchain Network.


Purpose & Activities

Each BLOCKCHAIN TRUST may carry out all activities and operations cited in its Deed of Incorporation and in its Agreement and Declaration of Trust, including but not limited to Digital Asset Management, Custodian & Fiduciary Services, the use of Blockchain Technology to Issue and Track Shares, operate as an Blockchain Investment Banking Fund, to operate as Real Estate Investment Trust, to offer investment fund services worldwide, to run a funding company focused on financial technology tools, to incorporate, to participate in any way whatsoever, to manage and to supervise enterprises and companies, to render guarantees and to bind the company or its assets on behalf of enterprises and companies with which the company forms a group, to generate services to companies and enterprises, to issue commercial assured financial guarantees, to finance enterprises and companies, to lend and to borrow money, to trade in cryptocurrencies, to obtain, alienate, manage and to exploit real estate and items of property in general, to exploit, hold, trade or invest into patents, licenses, know-how & rights of intellectual property, to perform all kind of industrial, financial, or commercial investment fund and business activities.


The Trustees are responsible for managing the business and affairs of the Blockchain Trust. It further includes that (1) property (real, tangible, and intangible) is held, managed, administered, invested, and/or operated; or (2) business or professional activities for profit are carried on by one or more trustees for the benefit of the trustor entitled to a beneficial interest in the Blockchain Trust property.

State of the Art Efficiency

The Blockchain Trust Corporate Registry is a user-friendly and accessible Blockchain platform for businesses worldwide.


Our Corporation’s Division is run with cutting-edge Blockchain technology, and our staff provides timely, polite, and professional service to our international clients, attorneys, registered agents, and global entrepreneurs.


These characteristics have contributed to Blockchain Trust's status as the leading legal Blockchain domicile for firms worldwide.

What is Blockchain and why you should care?

Blockchain is a public ledger consisting of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network—Blockchain stores data in "blocks," which are linked together via cryptography.


New data is introduced to a new block, and when that block is filled, it is chained onto the previous block in chronological sequence. Data once entered is immutable, irreversible, and publicly available. It could offer financial services firms a more effective way to handle a whole range of transactions, with use cases like payments, derivatives, settlements, securities, syndicated lending, trade finance, and more.


This decentralized technology enables the participants of a peer-to-peer network to make transactions without the need for trusted central authority or Governments and at the same time rely on cryptography to ensure the integrity of transactions.


Complete Blockchain Incorporation Services

The Blockchain Trust Corporate Registry Authority is the leading global domicile for international firms looking to set up their asset holding and/or other Trust entities on the Blockchain.


Legal corporate structures are based on international, common trust law and enable your Blockchain company to Digital Asset Management, Custodian & Fiduciary Services, and the use of Blockchain Technology to issue and track shares.


Your new Blockchain registered companies will not only benefit from its advancing technologies, but it will also be allowed to conduct all the legal activities under international Trust laws, including holding, trade, or sell your assets like Investment Banks, Investment Funds, Capital Trusts, Hedge Funds, for the benefits of your clients, your family, your children or your grandchildren.


With the strategic and legal use of Blockchain registered Trusts, you can ensure that your clients, your children and/or your grandchildren, or chosen beneficiaries can ultimately benefit from the inheritance/benefits you want them to receive, all securely registered on the Blockchain.

Impact on the World

While research that applies constitutional law principles to Internet governance is illuminating, there are limits to its applicability to blockchain technology. In the context of blockchain-based systems, an important distinction must be made between the Rule of Law (defined and enforced by governmental institutions) and the Rule of Code (defined and enforced by technology). While governments have the monopoly of force over their own territory, they cannot easily exercise that power over a blockchain-based system. Indeed, the laws of national jurisdictions are difficult to enforce on these Blockchain systems.


Blockchain-based systems are governed by an alternative set of rules and procedures—sometimes referred to as Lex Cryptographic - which are defined by the underlying blockchain protocol, and are enforced by a distributed network of miners and validators maintaining the system.


Register Your Blockchain Trust Company To Operate Across The World

The Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority is a worldwide corporate registrar, enabling global entrepreneurs to strategically position their digital assets and Trust Company registrations on the Blockchain, which can collectively catapult their growth trajectory.


We offer a stable and safe platform for enterprises and financial institutions to launch their Blockchain ventures, buy, sell, hold, protect, or trade their digital and physical assets, all secured by the latest Blockchain smart contracts. Blockchain technology is decentralized. Therefore no central authority can edit or control the data (corporate registrations, contracts, records, loans, credit history, etc.) written on the public ledger, and data cannot be changed once it is in there. Consequently, you can trust what is written, which removes the need for third parties, like lawyers, banks, or governments to approve the data’s legitimacy.

The Blockchain Trust Corporate Registry is a revolutionary platform that is simpler to use, more secure than existing systems, and designed to take advantage of the inevitable changes in both law and technology.  There is simply nothing like it in existence today and the Blockchain Trust represents the future of estate, tax, and asset protection planning.


Contact us today!! Our team of professionals can help you get your new Blockchain Trust company registered in less than 30 minutes.


See what is included in our all-inclusive corporate package.


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