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Now You Can Own a Crypto and Fiat MasterCard in Minutes With The
Blockchain Bank MasterCard®

Personalize Your Card And Stand Out From The Crowd.

The Blockchain Bank Crypto & Fiat MasterCard®

The Blockchain Bank MasterCard® is the world's first commodity backed Crypto and FIAT card, backed by an unlimited number of Blockchain Corporations, Blockchain Trusts and Real Estate Assets.

Each Blockchain Bank MasterCard®  is backed 2 : 1 by an individual Blockchain Corporation with a market value of $2,999 providing a substantial hedge against volatility and provides portfolio risk diversification for every entrepreneur and international investors across the world.

Every buyer of a Blockchain Corporation will receive equivalent $2,999 on his Blockchain Bank MasterCard®, giving customers the ability to store and send US$ with absolute freedom, unrestricted by the limits of traditional banking systems.

Blockchain Bank MasterCard
Blockchain Bank MasterCard
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