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Welcome To Your Control Desk

"Establish your Blockchain Corporation, LLC, or Trust today and take the first step towards securing your digital future. For just $299, embark on a journey of innovation and asset protection."

Included with Your Registration:

  • "A dedicated Merchant Bank Account, accessible with Visa/MasterCard in USD/EURO/Crypto."

  • "299 Blockchain Bank Stable Coins for immediate use in international e-commerce."

Open a Private Account:


Set up your new Blockchain Company, LLC, or Trust as an individual in less than 30 minutes. It's swift, secure, and positions you ahead in the digital economy.

Become a Professional Reseller & Partner:


"Join our network as an authorized Reseller & Partner. Register an unlimited number of Blockchain Companies for your clients efficiently, backed by the industry's most competitive rates."

Blockchain Bank & Trust Certificate
Woman in Grey Suit

"Introducing the Pinnacle of Stablecoin Security:


As a FOUNDING MEMBER of Blockchain Bank & Trust, you're not just joining an enterprise; you're anchoring your business in a fortress of stability and security.

Founding Member Exclusive Offer:

  • Complete Blockchain Corporation or Trust setup.

  • Inclusive Blockchain Bank Visa and MasterCard for transactions in Euro, USD, and Cryptocurrency.

  • Comprehensive Merchant or Private Account services.


Exceptional Founding Member Price:

  • Valued at $2,999, exclusively discounted for our FOUNDING MEMBERS to only $299.00, to empower the launch of your blockchain ventures.


Limited Founding Membership Opportunity:

  • This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer, reserved for the first 250,000 visionaries, available during the PRESALE of our coveted Blockchain Trust package.

  • As a token of our commitment, you'll receive $299.00 in BBSC STABLE COINS, ensuring your investment is fortified from day one.


Unmatched Value Assurance:

  • In the unlikely event that our company faces insolvency, rest assured that our Founder Members will have secured their Blockchain Corporation or Trust along with all the accompanying benefits, boasting a potential resale value of $2,999 — a monumental return on your initial $299.00 investment.


Secure your foundational stake in the blockchain realm today and fortify your financial future."

Blockchain Bank Stable Coin
Blockchain Bank & Trust Visa Card
Blockchain Bank & Trust MasterCard
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