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Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority


Do you want to earn extra income by selling Blockchain Corporations & Blockchain Trusts to your clients?


“We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical framework that is free of politics and human error.” ~ Tyler Winklevoss


Increasing globalization and international business have given rise to tremendous competition, but you can outrun your competitors if you make wise choices timely. With our cutting-edge technology and professional staff, businesses all around the globe have benefited themselves.

Did You Know?

Trusted by Lawyers & Accountants worldwide!

Accountants and solicitors worldwide rely on our team to support their clients with powerful, cost-effective Blockchain Trust registrations and business services. The Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority offers a tried and tested service that can be relied on 24/7.



In the words of Bob Greifeld, Nasdaq Chief Executive, “[Blockchain] is the biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade or so.”

Compared to a decade ago, today, more people have realized the benefits of having a digital presence, and the demand for Blockchain Trusts, including e-wallet payment systems, has skyrocketed. Progressively, more people are showing interest in having their Blockchain Trust.  

And if you are also one of those zealous entrepreneurs, who wish to buy their Blockchain Trust, we bet you must be looking for these 3 pillars in a Blockchain Trust Registrar:

  1. confidentiality,

  2. great price package

  3. professional support


To give an end to your hours of research, the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority is offering an exclusive Partner Program for professionals across the world to sell our Blockchain Trusts to your clients.


The decentralized Blockchain Trusts are established and structured to be 100% tax-free!

Got excited already? Hold your horses because we got more for you and your clients in the box and allow your clients to do the following:

• Digital and Physical Asset Management - YES
• Operate as an Investment Fund & Trust - YES
• Electronic Transfer of Corporate Shares - YES
• Factor Invoices and Fund Purchase Orders and Trade Finance – YES

We don’t stop here!! Our mission is to provide the utmost freedom and tools for entrepreneurs all around the globe to fly high, and we are extending our hand towards you to join us in this journey


BLOCKCHAIN TRUST business advisors are trained to the highest standard with low overheads and high-earning potential. They are strongly positioned to build a successful brokerage business for themselves.

As an authorized Partner of the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority, you’ll be entitled to your very own Investment Fund & Blockchain Trust to showcase the professional corporate package we offer. 



  1. Records are immutable: no one can remove them once a record is published. They are publicly available to anyone to search for and consult. You have complete traceability of corporate records.

  2. Records are digital: papers and signature checks are not needed anymore. Transferring ownership of records is as easy as sending an email. There is no point in failure since all infrastructure is decentralized.

  3. Security: Blockchain technology uses cryptographic algorithms, giving all operations a high degree of protection.


For all these reasons, it's natural to see that your clients will receive plenty of advantages when you register Blockchain Trusts with us.

We Help You To Grow Your Customer Base and Services - You Get Rewarded.


We work with:


  • Lawyers

  • Accountants

  • CPA's

  • Financial Advisers

  • Business Consultants

  • Merger & Acquisition Experts

  • Business Brokers

  • Corporate Registration Specialists

  • Registered Agents

  • Large Membership Groups who want their private label 

  • Domain Registrars

  • and many more...

If you wish to be on the cutting edge of the latest Blockchain Technology and offer your clients the very best Blockchain Trust registrations across the world for an unbeatable price, register as a Partner today. Your clients will "Thank you" for it.


The Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority is operated by professionals with years of experience who are determined to aid in every step and strive to bring excellent advice and guidance, from the moment you pick up the phone to speak to us.


Your investment as Partner offers you the following benefits:

  1. Low start-up investment – Only $2,999.00 to open a Partner Account including your own Blockchain Trust Establishment.

  2. Your choice of name such as: "SWISS INVESTMENT FUND & BLOCKCHAIN TRUST."

  3. High-profit potential with huge discounts for authorized resellers.

  4. As an authorized Partner you benefit from our professional discounts, which allow you to register an unlimited amount of Blockchain Corporations and Trusts for only $1,999.00!

  5. Quick growth potential.

  6. A scalable business with the potential to earn a significant six-figure income.

  7. Company leads and client generation systems within your country.

  8. Low monthly overheads.

  9. No business premises required.

  10. Lead generation & co-counsel opportunities.

  11. Ready-Made Blockchain Trusts available for immediate take over.

  12. Launch training.

  13. Initial marketing package including our highly professional marketing brochures.

  14. Ongoing operational support of peers and experienced business advisors.

  15. The backing of a trusted and respected brand.

  16. Your professional reseller website.

  17. Every Blockchain Trust or Corporation comes now with one (1) Blockchain Bank MasterCard, which can be used at millions of merchants worldwide. You can also have your own private label card program under your brand.

  18. An innovative and unique sales proposition that makes Blockchain Trust different from any other service provider across the world.

  19. Expert guidance on registering Branch offices of your clients Blockchain Trusts with the relevant authorities in other countries!


Our Blockchain Corporations and Trusts are fully authorized to collect money from the general public and invest in different businesses for your account and/or for third parties. These Blockchain Corporations and Trusts are ideal for capital raising, purchase, and management of real estate of all kinds, including shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, apartment blocks, and e-wallet electronic payment solutions.

“Anything that can conceive of as a supply chain, blockchain can vastly improve its efficiency- it doesn’t matter if its people, numbers, data, money”


Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM.

Your clients can use these Blockchain Corporations and Trusts to further open accounts for their account or third parties through the Trust License. Your clients may conduct their transactions as a 'Private Trust & Investment Bank.'


With our Blockchain Trusts reseller program, a special Trust Agreement allows your clients to operate as a commercial investment fund, financing institution, or fiduciary asset management to be active for your customers. Furthermore, your clients may collect under the Trust License Investment Capital from investors and lend to their own business or 3rd parties.


These Blockchain Trusts are further eligible to issue and receive (monetize/ discount) financial instruments such as bonds, SKRs, LCs, etc. Through correspondence banking connections, these Blockchain Trusts can further benefit from the banks' facilities to engage in commodities, instruments, equity, and fixed income trading with virtually no restriction. Shares of all the listed companies are

issued and transferred in bearer form (anonymous shares) and digital asset management.


Branch Offices and Correspondence Bank Accounts can be established worldwide.


We assist businesses worldwide with establishing their own licensed Blockchain Trusts and the establishment of capital-protected private equity funds, including your very own E-wallet PRIVATE LABEL payment systems.


The BLOCKCHAIN INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE REGISTRY AUTHORITY is not like any brokerage firm. We are a pioneer in the Blockchain Trust registrations on the multiple Blockchain Networks who ensured 100% tax-free status and freedom of operation for your Blockchain Trust!!

Our all-inclusive price structure for establishing your or your clients' Blockchain Trust stands at only $2,999.00. However, as an authorized Partner you benefit from our professional discounts, which allow you to register an unlimited amount of Blockchain Trusts for only $1,999.00!

Why pay a Security Lawyer more than $150,000 to prepare a PPM when your clients can get a licensed Blockchain Trust, including an E-wallet payment system and the PPM for only $2,999.00?


In the modern world, boundaries are only limited to a map. For zealous entrepreneurs with a growth mindset, the whole world is a playground for them, and you’ve to act fast to build their defense against your competitors and offense to win over them.


To qualify you must open a "Partner Account" with us, register your own Blockchain Trust Company under your Partner Account and then you will be approved as a Blockchain Trust Partner in less than 30 minutes.


To open your Partner Account, please click here or the button below...

We are looking forward to working with you.



Contact us:

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority
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