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Blockchain Trust Evolution

Introducing The Blockchain Trust: Your Future in Secure Estate Planning -
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How To Stay Ahead in the Entrepreneurial Race with Blockchain Technologies?

Experience the future of estate planning with The Blockchain Trust™


Our groundbreaking platform that merges the time-honored principles of trust creation with the revolutionary capabilities of blockchain technology. This innovative system is designed to empower you, offering unparalleled flexibility, security, and ease of management for your estate planning needs.

At the heart of The Blockchain Trust™ is a concept inspired by the blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Imagine a system where each piece of your trust is a block in a blockchain, allowing for a custom-designed estate plan that evolves with your life's changes. Whether it's adapting to unforeseen circumstances or transitioning into different types of legal trusts, The Blockchain Trust™ offers infinite adaptability to meet your future needs.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing that your trust can automatically transform to protect your assets during a lawsuit or adjust to provide for your beneficiaries' needs, such as qualifying for Medicaid. The Blockchain Trust™ is not just a trust; it's a living entity that evolves with you.

Privacy is paramount in estate planning, and The Blockchain Trust™ excels here. Built on a proprietary network, your trust's details remain confidential, with state-of-the-art digital security ensuring that your information is accessible only to authorized parties. Say goodbye to outdated paper trails and cumbersome updates; your digital trust is always current, compliant, and accessible at your fingertips.

The Blockchain Trust™ shines when it comes to asset management. Record every asset transfer directly on the blockchain for a transparent, up-to-date account of your trust's assets. This feature is invaluable for successor trustees, providing instant access to a detailed asset ledger at crucial moments.

For estate planning professionals, The Blockchain Trust™ is a game-changer. The platform streamlines client management, allowing attorneys to tailor trusts to individual needs and manage them effortlessly over time. All updates are conducted digitally, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and compliance.

Engage with The Blockchain Trust™ and discover a suite of integrated services designed to enhance your estate planning. From real property transfers and insurance to tax strategies and investment options, the platform is intelligently designed to alert you to opportunities and safeguard your assets.

Embrace the integration of cryptocurrency into your estate planning. Whether for simple storage or strategic asset conversion, The Blockchain Trust™ provides seamless access to the world of digital currencies, enhancing your asset protection strategies.


Elevating Estate Planning: The Blockchain Trust™ vs. Others

In the evolving landscape of digital and physical asset management, the Blockchain Trust™ stands out with its innovative asset registration feature, and tokenization of Real World Assets, a game-changer for estate planning. Unlike traditional platforms, which focus on ensuring the transfer of assets upon the user's incapacitation or death, Blockchain Trust™ offers a more comprehensive solution.

The Blockchain Trust™ not only secures your physical and digital assets but also meticulously records every transaction within the blockchain. This revolutionary feature ensures that upon the asset owner's demise, the successor Trustee or the Beneficiaries gain immediate and detailed access to the trust's assets, providing a seamless transition and unparalleled clarity in asset management.


The asset registration feature of Blockchain Trust™ significantly enhances its utility for estate and asset management. By allowing users to record every asset transfer on the blockchain, the platform ensures a comprehensive and current accounting of all trust assets is available. This feature is particularly beneficial upon the death of the asset owner, as it provides the successor Trustee or Beneficiaries with immediate and detailed access to the trust's assets, facilitating smoother and more transparent transitions and management. This feature distinguishes Blockchain Trust™ from more general services by offering a robust solution tailored for detailed asset management and succession planning.

By integrating the latest in blockchain technology, Blockchain Trust™ offers a robust platform for estate, tax, and asset protection planning, plus the tokenization of Real World Assets, setting a new standard in the field and ensuring your legacy is preserved and managed according to your wishes.

Explore the future of estate planning with Blockchain Trust™, where your business and family assets are not just protected but empowered by cutting-edge technology.

Choose The Blockchain Trust™ for a future where estate, tax, and asset protection planning are not just simplified but revolutionized. Step into a world where your estate plan adapts, protects, and thrives alongside the ever-evolving landscape of law and technology.


With The Blockchain Trust™, you're not just planning for the future; you're actively shaping it.

Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority



"Transforming My Business with Blockchain Trust – A Journey to Authenticity and Opportunity"

The moment I completed my registration with Blockchain Trust, I was met with a wave of validation and professionalism that exceeded my expectations. As I unboxed my All-Inclusive Platinum Blockchain Corporate Package, I found not just a collection of documents, but a testament to the legitimacy and forward-thinking nature of my new blockchain venture.

Here's a snapshot of the remarkable array of components that were included in my corporate package:

  • Official Blockchain Trust Registration: My company was fully registered on the Blockchain Networks, ensuring transparency and immutability, with all necessary certificates and permits included.

  • Legal and Financial Empowerment: From the Deed of Incorporation to Investment Bank/Fund & Asset Management Permits and a robust Shareholders Agreement, my corporate identity was established with authority and depth.

  • International Recognition: The inclusion of an Apostille means my corporation is ready to make its mark on the global stage without boundaries.

  • Tax Efficiency: Designed to thrive, my Blockchain Corporation enjoys a structure that offers 100% tax exemption, complemented by a strategic business and marketing plan to navigate the market successfully.

  • Privacy and Confidentiality: With guaranteed shareholder privacy and a high level of data protection, my business dealings remain discreet and secure.

  • Financial Readiness: The package included my Blockchain Bank Merchant Account and an E-Wallet Payment System, complete with a Blockchain Bank MasterCard in USD/EURO/CRYPTO for worldwide transactions.

  • Ease and Speed: In less than 30 minutes, my company was not just incorporated but ready to trade, with a seamless, paperless registration process that's instantly verifiable on the blockchain.

  • Capital Raising Tools: A comprehensive Private Placement Memorandum and Trust Agreement were provided to facilitate capital acquisition and asset management.

  • Lifetime Support: Access to an online portal and lifetime customer support ensures that I have the resources I need, when I need them, for the ongoing management of my Blockchain Company.

  • Expansion Opportunities: The option to register an unlimited number of Blockchain Companies as an authorized partner opens doors to limitless growth.

From start to finish, the process was a revelation – efficient, comprehensive, and imbued with integrity. I am not just looking forward to better days; I am actively creating them with the robust foundation Blockchain Trust has helped me establish. This isn't just a big deal; it's the cornerstone of my business's future."



Dominion Nkanu - CEO

Nigeria Blockchain Trust



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