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Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority
Stephan Schurmann, CEO of Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

Register Your First Blockchain Trust® Company

Blockchain Bank MasterCard

Blockchain Bank Visa & MasterCard is included in every Blockchain Corporate Registration.

The World's First Asset-Backed Card Supported By Your Own Decentralized Blockchain Trust to enjoy tax freedom, asset protection, and wealth preservation!

Blockchain Trust Entrepreneurs

We champion entrepreneurs by delivering the perfect help and tools for their business journey.

Delivering Trust in Digital Assets and Blockchain Trust Registrations! Totally secure with a 100% accuracy guarantee, no hidden fees, affordable prices, and extremely fast! 

Our Formidable Tactics

Each Blockchain Trust®  is legally constituted, registered, and established on the Blockchain Networks and abides by the Laws and Regulations of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) regarding the international sale of goods; international commercial dispute resolution, including both arbitration and conciliation; electronic commerce; insolvency, including cross-border insolvency; international transport of goods; international payments; procurement and infrastructure development; and security interests.

All businesses and industries have the ability to remove the business from the jurisdiction of public law and to implement the protections of operating within the private domain. In today's world, business leaders are not taught to seek these protections and are educated to operate their businesses in compliance with and subject to public law.


There is a better answer! A properly formed Blockchain Trust!

DeFi Capabilities: 

Blockchain Trust's DeFi integration offers unparalleled financial operations flexibility. Unlike traditional LLCs, our platform enables access to peer-to-peer transactions, smart contracts, and a broad range of DeFi services. This empowers businesses with efficient, transparent, and flexible financial tools, driving innovation and operational efficiency in the blockchain era.

Blockchain Bank Merchant Account:

The Blockchain Corporate Package includes a Blockchain Bank Merchant Account, enabling businesses to seamlessly accept payments in both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. This account not only facilitates traditional financial transactions but also integrates digital currency payments, offering a versatile solution for modern businesses operating in a global market.

With this account, entrepreneurs, their clients, and employees can handle financial transactions in USD, EURO, and various cryptocurrencies, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in a rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Blockchain Bank MasterCard:

The Blockchain Trust's inclusion of a Blockchain Bank MasterCard is a standout feature not available with traditional LLC registrations.

This MasterCard provides a versatile financial tool for entrepreneurs, their clients, and employees, functioning seamlessly in USD, EURO, and cryptocurrencies.

Such a feature enhances the ease of financial transactions on a global scale, allowing for the smooth operation of business activities across different currencies and financial environments.

It reflects a significant advancement in financial flexibility and accessibility, offering a modern solution that aligns with the evolving needs of today's businesses.

Blockchain Trust Features

Cross-Border Payment Solutions:

With Blockchain Trust, experience the pinnacle of cross-border payment efficiency. Our platform supports transactions in various currencies, facilitating global commerce with ease.

Unlike traditional LLC or Corporate services, we ensure seamless, secure, and swift transactions, enabling your business to thrive internationally without conventional financial system constraints.

Tokenization of RWA's:

Tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs), secure transactions, and imm
utable record-keeping.

Real World Assets, ranging from real estate, gold and diamond mines to precious metals and beyond, are now entering the blockchain through the company's strategic tokenization services. This process enhances liquidity and accessibility, granting investors and asset owners the unparalleled transparency and efficiency afforded by blockchain technology.

Tokenization: A Bridge to the Future

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority's tokenization service is a testament to the potential of blockchain in transforming traditional asset management. The use of the ERC-1155 standard allows for a more dynamic and flexible representation of assets, fostering a new era of investment and ownership.


As the blockchain industry continues to grow, the company's forward-thinking approach ensures that it remains a leader in the integration of blockchain solutions.

The tokenization of RWAs opens up a realm of possibilities, offering investors a novel way to diversify their portfolios and leverage the intrinsic value of tangible assets in a digital format.

Digital Asset Management Tools: 

Elevate your asset management with Blockchain Trust's advanced digital tools. Beyond traditional state services, our platform offers sophisticated management, including tokenization of Real World Assets (RWA’s) and secure transactions. Leverage blockchain technology for enhanced asset liquidity and streamlined management, optimizing your financial operations for the digital age.

1. Blockchain Trust Creation: Offers a unique trust structure built on blockchain technology, enabling a flexible and secure way to manage assets.

2. Privacy and Security: Ensures complete privacy with a proprietary network, keeping trust contents confidential and secure.

3. Event-Triggered Flexibility: Incorporates triggers that allow the trust to adapt its structure based on specific events, enhancing its adaptability and relevance.

4. Digital and Accessible: Provides a completely digital platform for managing the trust, accessible securely online by Trustees, Protectors, and Beneficiaries.

5. Asset Registration Feature: Allows recording of asset transfers to the trust within the blockchain, ensuring a transparent and up-to-date asset accounting.

6. Legal Compliance: Automatically updates with international laws, maintaining compliance without the need for frequent manual updates.

7. Integrated Services: Offers potential integration with related services such as real property transfers, insurance, tax planning, and investment options within the platform.

8. Cryptocurrency Integration: Directly incorporates blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, offering options for asset protection and conversion into cryptocurrencies.

9. Estate Planning Simplification: Simplifies estate planning for attorneys and clients, making it easier to manage and amend trusts digitally.

10. Robust Platform: Provides a comprehensive and secure platform for all estate, tax, and asset protection planning needs, unmatched by traditional estate planning methods.

International Business Advantages: 

Blockchain Trust leverages blockchain's global nature, providing a significant edge over geographically limited state LLC services. Our platform supports seamless international operations, market access, and global partnership engagement, transforming your business into a global enterprise.

The Platinum Blockchain Corporate Package facilitates global business operations, particularly under decentralized finance (DeFi) frameworks, without the need for adhering to additional governmental regulatory compliance's.

This package allows businesses to operate internationally, leveraging the blockchain's inherent borderless nature and providing a streamlined avenue for global commerce. Businesses can engage in international trade, access global markets, and utilize blockchain technology for secure, transparent, and efficient transactions, all while maintaining compliance with a minimal regulatory burden.

This feature is especially advantageous for entities looking to capitalize on the global reach and innovation offered by blockchain and DeFi, setting them apart from traditional corporate structures that are often limited by geographically-bound regulatory constraints.

Operational Autonomy: 

Enjoy unprecedented operational autonomy with Blockchain Trust. Our DeFi frameworks allow global business operations without traditional regulatory constraints, leveraging blockchain's security and transparency. This operational freedom fosters innovation, growth, and compliance in your global financial activities.

The Platinum Blockchain Corporate Package grants unparalleled operational autonomy, enabling businesses to seamlessly operate on a global scale. With this package, your enterprise is not tethered by the constraints of traditional government regulations, particularly under the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) framework.

This means you can expand your business reach internationally without the need for additional registrations or compliance with varying local government rules, providing a significant edge in today's fast-paced, borderless digital economy.

This feature is especially beneficial for companies looking to leverage the global nature of blockchain technology and digital finance, ensuring they remain agile and competitive in the international market.

More Features

Functionality You Will Love

Key Benefits:

  • Global Network: Access a world-class array of asset protection strategies.

  • Co-Branding Opportunities: Enhance your online presence with a co-branded website and comprehensive management tools.

  • Blockchain Expertise: Expand your services and empower your clients with our Blockchain Trust knowledge.

  • Comprehensive Privacy: Ensure your clients' estate plans remain confidential and secure.

  • Efficient Asset Management: Utilize streamlined blockchain-based asset registration and management.

  • Business-Focused Solutions: Benefit from a platform designed for entrepreneurs and attorneys to efficiently create and manage Trusts.

  • Cryptocurrency Integration: Provide advanced protection for digital currencies.

Blockchain Trust

Why Choose Blockchain Trust™?

  • Innovate with a dynamic Trust that adapts to your clients' needs.

  • Secure your clients' legacies with blockchain's immutable ledger.

  • Rely on the expertise of the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority, with over 30 years of innovation in finance and international corporate and trust law.

Join the Future of Estate Planning:

Step beyond traditional estate planning with Blockchain Trust™. Offer your clients a smarter, safer, and adaptable solution. Join us and be part of the estate planning revolution.

Get Started Today:

Discover the transformative impact of Blockchain Trust™ on your business or law practice. Contact us to learn more and join the forefront of estate planning innovation.

We are looking forward to working with you.

Blockchain Trust Mother and Daughter Love
Blockchain Bank & Trust Certificate

Is a Decentralized Blockchain Trust Right for You or Your Business?


A decentralized Blockchain Trust does not need any authority or permission, of any kind whatsoever, from any government or central bank for its creation or in order for it to continue to exist and function.

A Blockchain Trust is created by and exists upon the contract authority and power that people have reserved for themselves. Blockchain Trust members are free to exchange any services or information whatsoever on any topic they choose and can speak or write about, listen to, or read any information, use or obtain any information, product, or service on any terms agreeable to any member who chooses to provide that information, product, or service within the private and decentralized Blockchain Trust.


Blockchain Trusts are under no general lawful/legal obligation to recognize any statutory title of public competency, education, or training (licensed persons/experts).

Public Law, regulations and internal rules of administrative agencies that regulate the public do not generally reach a Blockchain Trust because they would impair, impede, obstruct, or defeat the Blockchain Trust members’ ability to discuss, hear, read, or speak about, print, obtain and use things which may be prohibited to be disclosed to or used by the public unless the Blockchain Trust commits a nefarious act, which means some form of human rights violation or evil act against another human or in the wording of the courts “creates a clear and present danger of a substantial evil”. Anything less is protected and stays within the private domain.

A decentralized Blockchain Trust generally falls outside the jurisdiction of public law, regulations, and internal rules of administrative government agencies.

Did You Know?


The Constitution, The Courts, and International Laws & Treaties all Say You Have a Right To Conduct Business In The Private Domain, Licensing, Regulation, or Interference from the State.

You can practice almost anything without a license within your properly formed Blockchain Trust of private members!!!

The only exception is if your Blockchain Trust practices, proposes, or promotes a clear and present danger of substantive evil.

Also, the private domain is referred to as a “sanctuary from unjustified interference by the State” in Pierce v. Society of Sisters, 268 U.S. 510 at 534-535.  And as a “constitutional shelter” in Roberts v. United States, 82 L.Ed.2d 462 at 472.  And again as a “shield” in Roberts v. United States, supra at 474.

In addition, the U.S. Supreme Court in Thomas v. Collins, 323 U.S. 516 at 531, specifically refers to the “Domains set apart…for free assembly.” The First Amendment right to association creates a “preserve”  Baird v. Arizona, 401 U.S. 1.

The private domain of an association is a sanctuary, constitutional shelter, shield, and domain set apart and a preserve according to a number of U.S. Supreme Court decisions.


Again, your properly formed decentralized Blockchain Trust consists of private members and is in the private domain (The Blockchain) with the protection of numerous favorable U.S. Supreme Court decisions with no decisions to the contrary to date, excepting limitations imposed upon statutory compliant companies such as LLC's LTD's, etc. and companies created for the purpose of regulation by the state i.e., a State Athletic Association or Union membership.

Blockchain Trust
Business meeting

Why should a decentralized Blockchain Trust be your first, and only choice?

First, a decentralized Blockchain Trust® is established and operates as a Private Membership Trust on the Blockchain, within a network of other decentralized Blockchain Trusts. We DO NOT recommend anything to others that we don’t utilize ourselves.

Second, our founders have over 30 years of expertise in the study of international corporate law, investment bank establishments, trusts, and other corporate structures in more than 60 countries. We have a clear understanding of some basic principles that most others don’t utilize or seem to know. The protections of a properly formed decentralized Blockchain Trust® should stay within the protections of the private domain. This simple concept doesn’t seem to be so simple for most.

Most corporate advisors, lawyers, and company formation agents across the world create for their clients companies based on LEGAL JURISDICTIONS under the laws of any Nation or State. The end result is that these clients end up with a company that is “statutory compliant” and "tax liable" in that particular jurisdiction.

We Give You The Power To Do More and To Earn More!

We combine the benefits of insurance, offshore/onshore asset protection, privacy, and verifiable ownership by relying on the most secure platform—the blockchain— as formidable tactics to protect the assets of our clients from threats that could lead to the loss of all digitally and physically accrued wealth and valuables.

It is the desire of all businessmen, asset owners, and investors to have the strongest protection for every asset. These groups also want limited expenses for maintenance, and tax, as well as absolute control for all valuables.

With the registration of your own decentralized Blockchain Trust, we help our clients to protect assets from legal confrontations and related controversies that can deprive them of benefits. Additionally, we exonerate our clients from paying taxes and further charges with unrestricted access to all possessions. 


You can use your Blockchain Trust as a professional "Trust Management Company" for your own and/or your client's assets. You can use it as an Investment Banking & Blockchain Trust and Investment Fund. You can assign several trusts for your own assets or your client's assets as you see fit and issue trust deeds so you can set up the founders and beneficiaries as you or your clients wish.

Blockchain Family Trust



Traditional corporate registrations and payment systems usually depend on a central authority trust model that is responsible for verifying all transactions. The "red-tapism- (extremely elongated bureaucratic process)" and often governmental corruption involved through the process, which plummets the morale of any entrepreneur.

On the other hand, the Blockchain is a fast tamper-proof record system without a central authority that everyone within the network can access and trust. Every node in the network can arrive at the same consensus by sharing information and assembling a shared, global, and public ledger accessible to everyone.

In a nutshell, the blockchain can’t be tampered with, it’s transparent, it's secure, it’s private, and power isn't concentrated in the hands of anybody (Decentralized).

Transactions on the blockchain are based on the following processes:

  1. Verification- Each transaction is verified against specific criteria when received by each node and before it is propagated to the remaining nodes of the network.

  2. Validation- “Proof-of-work algorithm” is the mining process through which each new transaction before they enter a new block is validated by all the nodes against a comprehensive list of criteria. Proof-of-work demonstrates the newly generated blocks to the chain with the highest computational effort.


Every new technology experiences its fair share of criticism, and Blockchain is not alien to this perspective. People had the same concern when gold and silver coins were replaced by paper currency. Now it's time for paper currency and company registrations to get replaced with something fast, secure, inexpensive, and trustworthy, i.e., Blockchain.

Blockchain technology is being used to directly transfer ownership of digital and physical assets, financial assets, etc. These could be stocks, bonds, company registrations, or physical assets like car rentals/sales. It is fast becoming a global registry of ownership extending even to health records, voting, intellectual property, etc.

Every data set and digital transaction could potentially use Blockchain, creating a digital fingerprint and a trail updated by consensus and trusted by everyone without the approval of a central authority.

Blockchain as a business process represents trust to transition from central authorities to decentralized networks. On this platform, what existed as formal contracts would now be called digital contracts or smart contracts. The level of adoption/acceptance the blockchain keeps getting makes it a technology that man cannot do without, hence it becomes necessary to do the needful by joining the most secure technology in the world.

Blockchain Trust

Scale and Power

Proof-of-stake architecture (PoS) is a layer 2 scaling solution that achieves unprecedented transaction speed and cost savings by utilizing side chains for transaction processing. At the same time, POS ensures asset security using the robust Plasma bridging framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators.


  • Compatible with major ERC standards

  • Secured by validators and checkpoints submitted to the Blockchain Networks

  • Minimal downtime over the course of 1.3B recorded transactions

  • A powerful and engaged community driving adoption and user engagement


  • Full Ethereum compatibility means deploying your Blockchain Trust smart contracts directly on the Blockchain

  • Easy transfer of ownership of your Blockchain Trust to and from Ethereum to anyone across the world

  • Easy-to-use Blockchain Bank Coin and Blockchain Bank Coin Wallet on web and mobile


Built for flexibility and security


Polygon’s scalable proof-of-stake architecture complements Ethereum’s decentralized security, ensuring you have the ability to register an unlimited amount of Blockchain Trusts for you or your clients that can appeal to the masses while maintaining the power of decentralization.

Impact Statistics

Polygon Proof of Stake (POS) is the most proven scaling solution in web3, and the best way to register decentralized Blockchain Trusts for a global audience of eager and hard working entrepreneurs, who wish to escape Economic Government Tyranny.

Blockchain Trust Done Deal
Blockchain Trust for Asset Protection


  1. Complete autonomy and unlimited asset control!

  2. Accountability and transparency!

  3.  24/7/365 availability and accessibility!

  4. 100% ownership!

  5. Ease of registration and access!

  6. 100% Security and registration on the Blockchain Networks with Transaction Hash Number & Proof of Stake!

  7. 100% Tax Freedom!

  8. Facilities for cryptocurrency payment across the world!

  9. 100% accuracy guarantee!

  10. No hidden fees!

  11. Easy transfer of ownership in case you want to sell your Blockchain Trust in the future.

  12. No control by any Government or Central Authority!

  13. Low setup costs including all benefits as stated above!


We share a common goal for all – achieving individual sovereignty and independence from Government tyranny. Owning a decentralized Blockchain Trust with cryptocurrency payment facilities not only is the answer to escape economic Government tyranny but also regain 100% individual sovereignty and personal freedom.  


We must start with an incorruptible foundation, which cannot be owned, issued, or controlled by any man-made political authority; it must emerge organically as a transparent, voluntary ‘constitution in code’ decentralized from any Government authority or any Central Bank.


To Register Your Blockchain Trust Company Today in Less Than 30 Minutes, Click on the Button Below

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