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Why The Blockchain Trust® Asset Protection Works Best?

In a world filled with asset predators, asset protection makes you and your assets less interesting by completely removing the economic benefits that attract individuals and their attorneys to engage you in legal battles. It becomes easier to go about your daily activities knowing that you aren’t exposed to risks and potential asset hunters.

At the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority®, we ensure that the wealth and assets of our international clients are never exposed to harm by completely preserving them on the secured Blockchain that can’t be tampered or manipulated in every circumstance.


The Blockchain Trust® is a combination of the strength and protection of an offshore asset protection trust, without the high cost, without the complexity and without compliance requirements. The Blockchain Trust® is registered on the Blockchain and is fully decentralized from any Government for tax and administrative purposes.

Our international clients want the strongest possible protection for their physical and digital assets if they are ever threatened. They also want simple maintenance, minimal costs, and absolute control of their assets in addition to enjoying an unlimited amount of corporate trust activities without Government interference.

With your own Blockchain Trust® you enjoy 50 YEARS TAX FREEDOM BENEFITS that come with registering your Blockchain Trust® Company, in addition, it can be done from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD in less than 30 minutes.

Therefore, owning a Blockchain Trust® would be the smartest, 100% tax-exempt strategy to purchase, register, control, protect and manipulate your digital and physical corporate assets around the world. The Blockchain Trust® has been created and pioneered by the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority® to promote absolute freedom and sovereign autonomy for global entrepreneurs like you.

To see what is all included in the establishment of your Blockchain Trust®, click here...

You can register your new Trust company on the Blockchain in less than 30 minutes. 

Start Your Freedom Journey NOW!

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The Asset Protection Blockchain Trust® 

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