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Can a Decentized Blockchain Trust Circumvent Economic Government Tyranny?

Your government is robbing you. Yes, you read it right; the government is there to protect its citizens from theft, but what if the government is the thief? How and who is going to protect us? With this article, we'll let you ask a series of questions to yourself that will make you think of how corrupt for example the U.S. government is and how it traps its citizens in the never-ending loop of TAXES.

Have you wondered whether you ever signed any contract or an agreement with the elected government to take a significant chunk of your earnings, property or real estate, ancestral will, etc., by simply living in that country?!! We bet you haven’t, yet you voluntarily file your taxes; if you don’t, you’ll evade taxes which is a felony, and it can put you in prison for up to 5 years.


The next question you should ask yourself is, “How come some countries offer nil to minimal tax liability such as Dubai, Andorra, Liechtenstein, or the ZERO TAX Dominican Republic, where countries like America can take (steal) more than one-third (37%) or Germany up to 58% of your income?!!”

  1. Why is federal tax law so complex?

  2. What is wrong with the global tax system?

  3. Why do the wealthy pay less tax?


These fundamental questions should be highlighted in media, newspapers, books, etc., but those who shout out for these issues are often dangled.

Our founders saw many people investing large amounts of money to create "statutory compliant" companies with little protections for their assets but high Government taxes. Our goal was to EMPOWER YOU and change a few things within the company formation industry. First was offering a Blockchain Trust package with complete protections under U.S. and international laws and treaties to ensure people from across the world could enjoy the same asset protections and tax exemptions. Second was the severely overpriced rates being paid to form "statutory compliant" companies. Third was an effort to educate people to know the difference and encourage those who are capable to form their own Blockchain Trust without breaking the bank.

All Blockchain Trusts created with our assistance offer complete protections under U.S. and international laws and treaties and help to keep you and your business within the private domain and tax-exempt.

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To begin the blame session, the complex nature of federal tax law will be the perfect start; Because the confusing process and types of taxes often overwhelm most Americans.

Income tax charges by federal, state, and local levels on every dollar you earn.

Sales tax, taxes on goods and services purchased. They vary by state and municipality.

Payroll tax, employees, and employers must contribute towards social security tax.

Medicare tax (similar to payroll tax) employees and employers are required to fund this program.

Property tax

Estate tax

Gift tax

Excise tax



The list goes on…

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Compared to higher-income residents, individuals and households with lower income tend to spend a more significant proportion of their income (earnings) to pay the tax. Hence it is safe to conclude that Taxes are regressive in nature.



Want a summary of this heading in one word? EVERYTHING! That's the answer, but for the readers to get a brief overview, here is the list of issues that are wrong with the American tax system:

1.) Unfair Distribution of the Tax Burden

The best way to explain this heading is by sharing the example of former President Trump, who paid no less than minimal income tax for decades.

When the country's president isn't paying what he is supposed to, it severely undercuts taxpayers' confidence in the system.


2.) Higher Benefits for Higher Tax Brackets


Higher tax rates are linked with higher benefits like:

  1. Exemptions and exclusions for certain types of income—for example, tax-exempt interest paid on state and local government bonds

  2. Special, lower rates for some income categories, such as capital gains and dividends

  3. Deductions for a wide range of expenditures, including some business expenses

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3.) Non-Income Taxes


Apart from high-income tax, the absurd system imposes taxes on payroll, estate, gifts, etc. These are often ignored, but they pose a similar tax issue.

4.) Unjust for the taxpayers


Often tax money is used to bail out failing companies, compensate the unemployed force, etc., which could be put to better use like a better healthcare system, free education, etc.

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  • U.S. states’ sales taxes apply on average only to a third of the potential tax base.

  • The U.S. has a partial territorial system and does not exempt foreign capital gains income.

  • The real property tax burden is among the highest in the OECD.



The first income tax to be charged in the U.S. was to pay for the Civil War. And when the war ended, this tax was repealed. But like how a hungry shark could smell blood from a great distance, the Federal government got a taste for the revenue that income tax could raise.

America has always been a promoter of a free market and believes that competition is good for the economy. Then, why the greatest nation is posing fixed and mandatory taxes on all of its residents?

1.) The burden falls on the poor.


Corporate taxes have been reduced over the past several years, but on the other hand, taxes on the poor have either stagnated or steadily increased, which proves the regressive nature of the tax system around the world.

2.) Kills small business


Tax competition only favors the rich and big corporations. The big corporations exploit legal loopholes to get away by paying a lower effective tax rate. Hence income tax burden ends up being hammered on the small businesses limiting their potential and lowering their motivation.

The lower tax rate for the big corporations also allows them to offer their products and services at a lower rate, which helps gain even more market. The same technique is used by companies like Wal-Mart and Amazon, who gained an unparalleled advantage over the smaller firms.

3.) Rich gets richer


Tax competition exacerbates the wealth gap between rich and poor, widening the wealth gap. And this is the exact opposite of what income tax intends to do.



During the golden days, "British Raj" or Colonial America started collecting taxes from the residents in order to maintain the army, weapons, and arms. And after regaining independence and hundreds of years of the technological and economic environment, how different or "progressed" are we on the tax front? Forcibly imposing a tax on the citizens on account of living on their souls.

Over time, there have been many groups and individuals posing arguments against income tax. But the strength of corrupt officials and brainwashed residents have failed to recognize them. Some of the critical arguments are:

1.) Income tax discourages saving, investment, and production

Taking away an individual's disposable income is directly proportional to their decreased purchasing power.

Decreasing Purchasing power has a trickle-down effect on the whole economy as less purchasing power leads to fewer sales and growth (fall in demand) for the corporation, which leads to cutting down employees or fewer employment opportunities.

This vicious cycle continues with no end, ultimately hurting the poor and disadvantaged section of society.

2.) Imposing taxes is the root cause of illegal activities

Having tax liability births activities like tax evasion, illegal smuggling, etc.

3.) It discourages people from working

as their hard-earned money will be ripped off them by the government

4.) Encourages idleness

Subsequently, people will realize that it is better to encash the unemployed benefits over working hard.

5.) United States citizens are the victim of "government-sanctioned extortion" everywhere they go!


American citizens have to file U.S. federal tax returns and pay U.S. taxes on their worldwide income, no matter where they live at that time.

6.) Compensation is not income.

Working-class, daily wage earners, employees are compensated for their time, skills, and expertise; hence they do not make a profit. Thus, we can argue that this exchange of skills and time for money isn't income.

America is violating its constitution, which, on the first hand, was made to protect its citizens.

7.) Violation of the 5th amendment

The government is forcibly collecting part of hard-earned incomes from individuals, i.e., without the due process of law, and therefore it is unconstitutional.


5th amendment states that no person shall be “deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law."

8. Violation of the 13th Amendment

The 13th Amendment outlawed slavery in the United States, but it looks like the U.S. is trespassing its constitution by forcibly collecting taxes from its residents.

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Forget the discussion we made above, and think about the factors tax money is used? The tax collected by the government is to be used for the public's welfare. But is the general public getting equally compensated by the high-quality services? Is education, health care, a safe living environment, etc., available to every American citizen? No, instead, the living conditions in America are far less compared to other developed nations of the world.

  • Increasing crime and gun violence

  • Poor availability of health services

  • Discrimination while providing treatment for horrendous covid-19

  • Perpetual racism 

  • Increasing poverty and economic inequality

  • Declining employment opportunities

  • Political tension

  • Corrupt government officials

  • Expensive education: graduate from college with a huge debt and burden of tens of thousands of dollars

  • Rising inflation

  • Wealthy people and corporations not paying taxes

  • Senior care: According to OECD, Americans private spending on old-age care is nearly three times higher per capita than in Europe 

  • Child care: Child care in the United States costs more than $12,000 annually for a family with two children. In some countries in Europe, child care is free. In others, they pay $1000-$2000 per year, depending on their income. i.e., in America, child care in America costs approximately 6 times more than in countries in Europe.




The list goes on…


It is safe to claim that our hard-earned money is forcibly collected from us, yet the basic needs and services are not appropriately catered to. Hence a lose-lose situation for the masses.

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Every economy is finding ways to fill the gap caused in their treasury due to COVID-19 as it led to a massive fall in their earnings and an exponential rise in expenses. And America's government under the leadership of Joe Biden is likely to do the following:

  1. Raising income tax for individuals making over $400,000 annually.

  2. Raising corporate tax from 21% to 28%.

  3. Reducing tax benefits for pass-through businesses, such as partnerships or limited liability companies.

  4. Raising capital gains tax for individuals earning over $1 million per year.


Those working hard to provide for their family and make a decent living and putting in efforts to build a business and generate employment, the government is punishing them for their productivity.


Imagine, one fine day, someone shows up on your doorstep and makes the following “business proposal”:

We go into a business partnership together. You put up all the money to open your new shop, you pay for all the inventory, you pay all employees, you work 12 to 16 hours per day and the “other guy” does NOTHING. At the end of the year your new “business partner” demands you to pay between 38% to 58% of your hard-earned money. Would you accept this kind of lousy “business proposal”? I bet you $1,000 Dollars that your answer to this question is “NEVER” in a lifetime you would enter into a business partnership like this! Right?

Wait a minute… What if the “other guy” threatens you if you do not pay up, you’ll be punished? Will you be willing to pay? Shouldn’t we expect a fight from you? Or wouldn’t this be considered “MAFIA style techniques” to pay up for “Protection” or otherwise the MOB would demolish your shop…?

A similar scenario is with taxes when the government levies unnecessary and illegal charges known as income tax on you. So why do you accept these kinds of lousy MAFIA deals with your own Government and voluntarily pay your income taxes? Because it is the “law” or because you are “ignorant” and have no idea how to protect yourself from your own corrupted Government who is trying to bleed you dry with income taxes?

To establish your own tax-exempt Blockchain Trust, please click the button below!

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