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We are on a mission to promote entrepreneurial freedom and growth, and to achieve the same; our all-inclusive Blockchain Platinum Corporate Packages are priced only at $2,999.00. Once incorporated, we’ll give you access to all digital copies of all your corporate registration documents to prove your Blockchain Company exists.

Cost-Effective Blockchain Company Formations

We are able to provide the most economical company formations and Blockchain registrations on the market because we have our own in house company formation software, which links directly to the Blockchain Networks. Using this proprietary software allows us to eliminate any paperwork and get your company formed quickly and efficiently in less than 30 minutes for only $2,999.00; this competitive price includes the following services.

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

What is included in Blockchain Company Registration?

BBC Blockchain Bank MasterCard

2,999.00 BBC - Blockchain Bank Coins® are included in every Blockchain Trust Registration.

THE BBC Coin® is the world's first commodity-backed stablecoin, backed by a 6,000,000 (six million) portfolio of Blockchain Corporations, Blockchain Trusts, Blockchain Banks, and Real Estate Assets.

Each BBC Coin is backed with a 2:1 security pledge by an individual Blockchain Corporation with a market value of $2,999.00 providing a substantial hedge against volatility and providing portfolio risk diversification for every entrepreneur and international investor across the world. For each 1,000 BBC Stablecoins issued, we back these issued coins with a $2,999.00 value Blockchain Trust commodity held at the custodian.

Every buyer of a Blockchain Corporation will receive $2,999 BBC Stablecoins, giving customers the ability to store and send US$ with absolute freedom, unrestricted by the limits of traditional banking systems.

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

All-Inclusive Platinum Blockchain Corporate Package​

  1. CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION/TRUST for your Blockchain Company, completely registered on the Blockchain Networks.

  2. ELECTRONIC CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION to legally confirm the existence of your company while showing the company registration number, date of formation, and Blockchain Transaction Hash No.




  6. APOSTILLE; a certificate for use in other countries.


  8. BYLAWS.


  10. OFFICIAL SHAREHOLDERS CERTIFICATES with a registered number of 1 Million shares, comprising of $10 value per share

  11. GUARANTEED SHAREHOLDER PRIVACY (Details are not on Public Records as anonymous shares bearers are allowed)

  12. 100% TAX EXEMPTION - Your new Blockchain Corporation will be structured to enjoy tax free status.



  15. HIGH LEVEL OF CONFIDENTIALITY - Data submitted to us will not be shared with anyone without your prior permission.

  16. Corporate Registrar Fees for year 1.

  17. Our Service Fees for year 1.

  18. AGREEMENT AND DECLARATION OF TRUST We include a highly professional Trust Agreement and Declaration of Trust (36 pages).

  19. PRIVATE PLACEMENT MEMORANDUM - We include a professional Private Placement Memorandum - PPM (70 up to 116 pages) under Regulation S - Rule 144, and/or Regulation D 506c, which you can use to raise capital for your Blockchain Corporation.

  20. STRATEGIC BUSINESS & MARKETING PLAN - Included is your strategic business & marketing plan.

  21. ASSISTANCE WITH OPENING BANK ACCOUNTS with you as the beneficial owner.

  22. E-WALLET PAYMENT SYSTEM - Included is your very own E-wallet payment system.

  23. Every Blockchain Trust or Corporation comes now with one (1) Blockchain Bank MasterCard, which can be used at millions of merchants worldwide. You can also have your own private label card program under your brand.

  24. Your Blockchain Company gives you full power to trade, by, sell and protect your crypto assets like shown here. 

  25. FREE LIFETIME CUSTOMER SUPPORT by our corporate experts.

  26. FREE ONLINE PORTAL to manage your Blockchain Company

  27. OPTION TO REGISTER an unlimited amount of Blockchain Companies for your clients by becoming an authorized partner.

  28. FASTEST SERVICE - Your Blockchain Company incorporated in less than 30 minutes.

  29. INSTANT SUBMISSION - no signature or paperwork, everything handled securely online - on the Blockchain.

  30. READY-TO-TRADE COMPANY - When you form your Blockchain Company, it will be ready to start trading on the same day. All our Blockchain Companies are limited by shares and will allow you to start trading once you receive confirmation of the electronic registration copies to your email.



  33. Only $2,999.00 to form a Blockchain Corporation or Blockchain Trust including all benefits as stated above.

  34. In year 2 you only pay $99.00 for annual renewal fees to keep your Blockchain Corporation in good standing. You will receive a CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING for every year to ensure your Blockchain Corporation is always up-to-date. 

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

What information do I need to provide to form a company?

Forming a blockchain company is a simple online process; however, before starting the process you will need the following information to hand: the company name, your office or home address, director details, shareholder details (can be the same person as the director), and how many shares you want to issue.

How many shares do I need to issue?

You must issue at least one share to form a Blockchain Company. If there is more than one shareholder, you must issue at least one share per person.


Are Corporate Shareholders and Directors Allowed?


Yes! You can also register any existing company as a shareholder and owner of your Blockchain Corporation. In this case, your personal name does not show up as the owner but your company name does. Our Blockchain Companies can issue up to 1,000,000 Ordinary shares of $10 each. Issuing 1,000,000 shares at $10 means you have flexibility to issue shares to other private or corporate shareholders in the future and your liability is limited to $10,000,000 in case you raise investor capital for your Blockchain Corporation.

Do I need to provide ID and Why?

To claim ownership of any enterprise, trust, organization, etc., a basic set of personal IDs is required; the same is true with your Blockchain Corporation. We are legally obliged to check proof of ID to ensure that you will be correctly registered as the beneficial owner of your Blockchain Corporation during the registration process.


This process takes no less than a few minutes; you can upload a copy of your passport or ID card.


However, you might be wondering why we need your ID when the crypto transactions are entirely anonymous? But take a step back, and you'll realize that to transact cryptocurrency, you have to make an account on any exchange that requires your ID.

Your Blockchain Corporation registered in less than 30 minutes?

We are your exclusive source for Blockchain Corporate establishments across the world. Our all-inclusive price structure for the establishment of your very own Blockchain Corporation is only $2,999.00! This will enable you to “kick-start” your new Blockchain business within the next 30 minutes, by clicking the button below. Order your new Blockchain Corporation today and start reaping the financial benefits immediately.

The PPM alone would cost you 6 figures (approx. $150,000) if you hired a Security Attorney to write one for you from scratch. And as the golden rule of business, “money saved is money earned,” Why would you want to pay a security lawyer these exorbitant fees if you can get your registered Blockchain Corporation, the PPM, your E-wallet payment system, your cryptocurrency facilities, and all other services as stated above for only $2,999.00!

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

​Decentralized nature

Traditional corporate registrations or payment systems usually depend on a central authority trust model responsible for verifying all transactions, and "red-tapism" and corruption involved in the process plummets the morale of an entrepreneur.


On the other hand, Blockchain is an authoritative record that everyone trusts within the network without a central authority. Every node in the network can arrive at the same consensus by sharing information and assembling a shared, global, and public ledger trusted by everyone.

In a nutshell, trust is shared, and power isn't concentrated in the hands of a few individuals. It is based on the following processes:

  1. Verification- Each transaction is verified against specific criteria when received by each node and before it is propagated to the rest nodes of the network.


  1. Validation- “Proof-of-work algorithm” is the mining process through which each new transaction before they enters a new block is validated by all the nodes against a comprehensive list of criteria.


  1. Proof-of-work demonstrates the newly generated blocks to the chain with the highest computational effort.


Blockchain as a technology

Every new technology experiences its fair share of criticism, and Blockchain is no alien to it. People had the same concern when gold and silver coins were replaced by paper currency. Now it's time for paper currency to replace something fast, secure, inexpensive, and trustworthy, i.e., Blockchain.


Blockchain technology is being used to directly transfer ownership of digital assets, financial assets, e.g., stocks and bonds, your company registration on the Blockchain, or physical assets, e.g., car rentals/sales turning into a global registry of ownership extending even to health records, voting, intellectual property, etc.


Every data set and digital transaction could potentially use Blockchain, creating a digital fingerprint and a trail updated by consensus and trusted by everyone without the need for a central authority.


Blockchain as a business process represents trust to transition from central authorities to decentralized networks. And we advise you all to hop on this unstoppable train as soon as possible.

With your Blockchain Corporation, you benefit from:

✓ Complete autonomy!

✓ Accountability!
✓ 24/7/365 availability!

✓ 100% ownership!

✓ Ease of registration and access!

✓ 100% Security and registration on the Blockchain Ethereum Network!

✓ 100% Tax Freedom!

✓ Cryptocurrency Payment Facilities across the world!

✓ 100% accuracy guarantee!

✓ No hidden fees!

✓ Not controlled by any Government or Central Authority!

✓ Low setup costs of only $2,999.00 including all benefits as stated above!


To Register Your Blockchain Trust Company Today in Less Than 30 Minutes, Click on the Button Below... 

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