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Blockchain International

What is the meaning of our Corporate logo and the story line behind our inspiration?

Blockchain Trust

Embark on a journey through the symbolism of our corporate emblem, where the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority (BICRA) weaves its values and aspirations into a tapestry of visual storytelling. Our logo stands as a testament to our mission, encapsulating the essence of our institution and the narrative of innovation and legacy that defines us.


Central to our insignia is the shield, a bastion of strength and protection that reflects BICRA's dedication to the safeguarding of your corporate interests in the blockchain arena. It is etched with a geometric pattern reminiscent of the blockchain's transformative technology, signifying the intricate network of connections we foster in the digital economy.


Guarding the shield are the majestic lions, symbols of courage and nobility, poised with a regal bearing that speaks to the authority and leadership we hold in the international corporate registry space. They stand as guardians of integrity and trustees of our clients' aspirations, embodying the spirit of fearless innovation that drives us forward.


Crowning the emblem is a dignified crown, denoting our sovereignty in the realm of blockchain-based corporate services. It is a mark of our commitment to excellence and the high standards we uphold in the stewardship of corporate legacies.


Adorning our logo are the wheat sheaves, emblematic of prosperity and growth. They represent the abundant opportunities BICRA cultivates for our clients, nurturing their ventures from seed to fruition in the fertile ground of the blockchain ecosystem.


The deep blue and gold palette of our logo speaks volumes; the blue for trustworthiness and stability, a calm ocean in the dynamic world of digital transactions, and the gold for the wealth of opportunities and prosperity we aim to unlock for every entity we serve.


The full name of our organization is inscribed with clarity and prominence, a declaration of our unwavering presence in the industry. It is a commitment set in stone—or rather, in the unbreakable ledger of blockchain—that BICRA is your ally, your advocate, and your bridge to the future.


In essence, our logo is not just a symbol; it is a story. A story of heritage meeting horizon, security entwined with innovation, and tradition uniting with technology. It is the story of BICRA, your trusted partner in navigating the new age of corporate registry.


Join us as we chart a course through the digital domain, anchored in the bedrock of blockchain integrity and guided by the stars of limitless possibility.

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