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Why Asset Protection is Important for Cryptocurrency?


Asset protection Blockchain Trusts don’t function based on assumptions or mere speculations; they function based on the responsibility of having your assets transferred to the trust. The Blockchain Trust® will not take responsibility for assets that were not included or transferred to them if creditors attack your unprotected assets. Hence it becomes necessary to include all your assets that need protection in your plan.


There’s no doubt that cryptocurrency is becoming a mainstream investment option. As more individuals flock to explore blockchain technology to try and understand what this type of asset entails, it’s more important than ever to look at how to protect it within your portfolio.

To do this, you need to first understand that crypto assets are arguably less “safe” than traditional assets. The nature of the blockchain itself leads to a credence of anonymity, as the data behind who owns what token is primarily kept secret.

However, this creates a unique challenge in situations where one must disclose all investments — such as in legal proceedings or during tax situations. While some feel that simply not disclosing is a good enough option, the simple truth is that this would constitute fraud, which can and will catch up with you in the long run.

Instead, it’s a far better idea to take steps to protect your cryptocurrency in a manner that keeps it safe from creditors and ensures you better overall security. And that’s what strong crypto asset strategies, like an Asset Protection Blockchain Trust, can do.

For an inclusive strategy, this page is created to help you with all information regarding funding and executing personal plans with your own Blockchain Trust®. As much as we cannot choose a plan for you in this regard, we are always ready to assist you through the decision making process. Should you encounter difficulties in developing an asset protection strategy or need explanations regarding the funding of your plan, reach out to our customer service for professional assistance.


What is an Asset Protection Blockchain Trust?

An Asset Protection Blockchain Trust is a decentralized form of protection that separates you from the liability of your assets. In the crypto world where everything is on the blockchain, including wallet information is highly anonymous, many people think their actions can’t be traced.


The truth is, the IRS views cryptocurrency as personal property, meaning they could seize it based on several factors — including any amount you owe them, fraud, or thousands of other reasons. With an Asset Protection Blockchain Trust, however, that tether between you and the crypto coin itself is legally severed, meaning it stays protected against any third-party seizure.


Why Choose an Asset Protection Blockchain Trust to Protect Your Cryptocurrency?


It’s important to understand that Asset Protection Blockchain Trusts aren’t just for those who want to keep their crypto away from creditors. Instead, it can be a key way to protect this unique asset away from anyone — be that a soon-to-be ex-spouse or even an overzealous hacker. Even business owners need to be especially careful against liability lawsuits, where a judge could order all assets including crypto sold to pay for restitution.

Protecting your cryptocurrency starts with taking steps to ensure encryption and privacy. Never give out your wallet address and keep your key information in a safe, non-digital place. You should also look into access to a cold storage key, which is a device that keeps crypto wallet information secure from others.

However, the best asset protection strategies for cryptocurrency still include putting your crypto into an Asset Protection Blockchain Trust. Not only is this a legal way to protect your coins and tokens from potential malicious attempts by a third party, but it also gives you peace of mind in knowing your investment is safe.


Primary Considerations for Real Estate Asset Protection

Residential Homes (Primary and Secondary)

Shelter is an unquestionable asset every human needs; hence it should be the first to be protected. You will always need a home to shield you from harsh weather conditions, be it your primary or secondary home. If you’ve got a home already, you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your safety in any way possible. Therefore, protecting your homes from creditors and asset predators who wouldn’t hesitate snatching your prized possessions is a step in the right direction.

To get your homes protected, all you’ve got to do is transfer your residence into your Blockchain Trust® using a deed of assignment or related methods.

Income Generating Assets (Rentals)

Since protecting your income generating assets can be quite complicated, here is a strategy to go about it to ensure full protection.

First would be creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and transferring your rental assets to the LLC using a deed. After which, you can then protect assets of the LLC with your Blockchain Trust®.

Liquid Assets

Yes! Your bonds, cash, stocks, jewelry, precious metals, otherwise called safe or liquid assets all need protection as well. Even though they can’t cause you liabilities, they can be confiscated by judgment creditors in the event of an unsuccessful lawsuit. Without having to transfer these deeds to a LLC, you can directly protect these assets with your Blockchain Trust®


Protecting chattels like cars can be necessary although it’s better off left out. Chattels are risky assets that can be owned individually; nevertheless if you wish to protect your chattels you can protect it automatically using the Blockchain Trust®.

The Blockchain Trust® combines the benefits of offshore asset protection, domestic asset protection, foreign asset protection, LLC, and Blockchain technology to give you exceptional security at less cost.

Using your Blockchain Trust®, you are completely exempted from tax, your properties are confidential, and you enjoy the transactional speed at which every activity is done no matter your location.

Beware of your little expenses! A small leak will sink the ship that holds your wealth; therefore protect your wealth and assets today!

Click the link below to get started today, it only takes 30 minutes to register your Asset Protection Blockchain Trust.

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