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Blockchain Trust and Blockchain Bank Stable Coin BBSC
Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship with Blockchain Trust

Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship:

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority Leads with Pioneering Blockchain Corporate & Trust Solutions

In the bustling digital age, Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority (BICRA) emerges as a harbinger of change, redefining the entrepreneurial ecosystem with its groundbreaking blockchain services. Established just 2.5 years ago, BICRA has already cemented its place as a beacon of innovation, casting a global footprint from its UK and USA base.

At its core, BICRA offers a chance to step into the future of e-commerce. For an astounding $299, entrepreneurs can set up a fully e-commerce-ready Blockchain Corporation, LLC, or Blockchain Trust, opening doors to limitless possibilities. Beyond a mere business entity, this package bestows tax-exempt status and equips businesses with comprehensive financial tools including merchant accounts for both fiat and crypto transactions, supported by Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust Visa and MasterCard’s in USD/EURO and CRYPTO. 

Blockchain Trust Business-in-a-Box

This visionary approach has not gone unnoticed. Clients value BICRA's vast array of services—from blockchain trusts and white-label banking to digital payment solutions and innovative Blockchain Family Trust prenuptial agreements, each service stands out as a testament to BICRA's commitment to empowering businesses and individuals alike.

Among its accolades, BICRA's capability to establish turnkey Blockchain Banks in a mere 24 hours is a milestone, showcasing agility unheard of in the traditional banking sector. This agility, coupled with an array of newly launched services, positions BICRA as a forerunner, tirelessly working to eliminate the "unbanked" phenomenon and democratize financial services across the world.


Client testimonials from various platforms not only sing praises of BICRA's offerings but also echo the trust and satisfaction of a diverse clientele. Each review strengthens the company's candidacy for the prestigious title of:


"Innovator of the Year: Advancing Global Commerce with Blockchain Trust Technology," 


an accolade that encapsulates BICRA's essence and vision.

With every stride, BICRA not only navigates but also creates the currents of change, enabling a future where business innovation, financial security, and technological advancement converge. As it vies for the EU Business News award, its story is one of unwavering dedication to advancement, inclusivity, and the unrelenting spirit of enterprise.

We invite you to become part of our journey. Register your Blockchain Corporation, LLC or Trust Today!



The registration process for my Blockchain Trust was fast, easy and reliable. I opened my account and it was as easy as ABC, all thanks to Stephan Schurmann (THE CEO) and his assistance towards it. I see something amazing coming out of this cooperation.


Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Looking forward to working more with BLOCKCHAIN TRUST.


Dominion Nkanu - CEO

Nigeria Blockchain Trust



Business Details of Nigeria Blockchain Trust

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Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, led by its CEO Stephan Schurmann
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