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Welcome to Your Centralized Command Center:

Activate Your Blockchain Trust Account Today. Begin by opening an account with us for a nominal fee of only $10.00, which unlocks the flexibility to manage your assets, tokenize Real World Assets and expand your business horizons.

Embark on a journey of innovation and asset protection by establishing your Blockchain Corporation, LLC, or Trust today.

Once your account is active, embrace the opportunity to register an unlimited number of blockchain corporations for a flat fee of just $299. Instantly download the registration certificates for each new business you establish, streamlining the process and ensuring your ventures are recognized and protected promptly. Choose the convenience of paying with either Cryptocurrency or your credit card.


Secure your digital future now and unlock a realm of endless possibilities with our tailored blockchain corporate and trust solutions.

Benefits of Your Unified Account Registration:

  • Personal and Professional Use: Whether you're setting up a single entity for yourself or managing multiple entities for clients, our platform adapts to your needs.

  • Dedicated Merchant Bank Account: Get access to a versatile Blockchain Bank Merchant account, usable with Visa/MasterCard in USD/EURO/Crypto, designed to meet the demands of both individual and professional users.

  • Blockchain Bank Super Coins: Receive 6,000 Blockchain Bank Super Coins for immediate use in international e-commerce, enhancing your financial profitability.

Blockchain Bank & Trust Certificate

How It Works:


  • Single Setup, Multiple Possibilities: Create your new Blockchain Company, LLC, or Trust in less than 30 minutes. Our platform is swift, secure, and scalable, ready to support you as an individual user or as a professional managing multiple entities.

  • Special Promotion: Register now for $299 and unlock the full potential of your digital economy ventures, whether for personal advancement or professional growth.

Expand Your Reach as a Professional Reseller & Partner:

By choosing this unified account, you're automatically eligible to become an authorized Reseller & Partner. Enhance your business by registering an unlimited number of Blockchain Companies for your family members, friends, business associates and your clients, all while benefiting from the industry's most competitive rates.


Ready To Get Started?


"Set up your new Blockchain Company, LLC, or Trust as an individual in less than 30 minutes. It's swift, secure, and positions you ahead in the digital economy. 


Or join our network as an authorized Reseller & Partner. Register an unlimited number of Blockchain Companies for your clients efficiently, backed by the industry's most competitive rates.


Activate your account today and transform your approach to digital asset management and business expansion."

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