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Elite Diplomacy Program


Elevate Your Business and Personal Freedom with Our Elite Diplomacy Services


Dear Visionary Entrepreneur,

In a world where freedom is more valued than ever, we at Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority are excited to introduce an unparalleled addition to our services—the Elite Diplomacy Program. This exclusive offering is designed for entrepreneurs who are not only reshaping the business landscape but also desire to navigate the world with fewer restrictions and enhanced status.

A Pioneering Initiative To Elevate The Influence for Global Leaders


Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Elite Diplomacy Program.


This initiative, spearheaded by our group of companies, including Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, Blockchain DigitalCity Real Estate Development, Blockchain Bonds, Blockchain Bank Stable Coin (BBSC), Blockchain Trust, the Decentralized Innovation Investment Fund (DIIF), and in partnership with the International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping (ICCACK), aims to redefine diplomatic engagement and international cooperation through blockchain innovation.

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority-Elite Diplomacy
Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority-Elite Diplomacy

Innovative Approach to Diplomacy

The Elite Diplomacy Program offers an unparalleled platform for global leaders, policymakers, and influencers, utilizing blockchain technology to ensure unmatched security and transparency in diplomatic communications, thus fostering trust and efficiency in international relations.

Unmatched Business Solutions with Diplomatic Privileges

  1. Global Mobility: With our Diplomatic Passport service, experience unprecedented freedom of movement. Travel globally even during restrictions, with a diplomatic passport that opens doors closed to ordinary citizens.

  2. Enhanced Privacy and Protection: Operate under the radar of cumbersome bureaucracies. Our diplomatic status grants you the confidentiality and security you need to conduct your business without interference.

  3. Streamlined International Operations: Enjoy the ease of crossing borders for business with fewer checks and delays, ensuring that your ventures keep pace with your vision.

Comprehensive Business Autonomy

  1. Decentralized Financial Freedom: Our blockchain solutions offer complete independence from traditional financial systems, with secure blockchain banking, multi-currency accounts, and global transaction capabilities.

  2. Regulatory Agility: Stay compliant without being constricted. Our platforms are designed to adapt to regulatory changes, providing you with flexibility and security.


Exclusive Features and Benefits

Participants will enjoy a range of exclusive services:

  1. Certificate of Nomination: Recognizing roles as Special Diplomatic Trade Ambassador & Finance Diplomatic Council of the International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping.

  2. ICCACK Diplomatic ID and Laissez Passer ID Card: Enhancing status and facilitating global connectivity.

  3. Official ICCACK Letters of Appointment and Nomination: Acknowledging elevated positions and responsibilities.

  4. ICCACK Laissez Passer Diplomatic Travel Document: Essential for the modern diplomat's international endeavors.

  5. Diplomatic Blockchain Trust Foundation Registration Certificate: Establishing a vital presence within the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority-Elite Diplomacy
Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority-Elite Diplomacy

Revolutionizing Finance with the Decentralized Innovation Investment Fund (DIIF)

A significant aspect of the program is the innovative tokenization of real-world assets. This service transforms tangible assets into digital tokens, creating secure and fluid capital raising possibilities and investment mediums.


Engagement in DIIF provides powerful financing solutions, merging blockchain's robustness with real-world asset versatility, fostering financial empowerment and diverse investment opportunities.


This initiative aligns with our commitment to innovation and ethical financial practices, enhancing the diplomatic toolkit.

Exclusive Diplomatic Benefits

  1. Status Enhancement: Holding a diplomatic passport not only enhances your mobility but also elevates your business and social standing on the international stage.

  2. Family Inclusion: Extend these privileges to your family, ensuring their freedom and safety, with options for diplomatic license plates for added recognition and convenience.


Additional Benefits

  1. Tailored Financial Solutions: Customized offerings from Blockchain DigitalCity Bank & Capital Trust.

  2. Real Estate Expertise: Access to prime developments for ICCACK Embassies and Consulates.

  3. Innovative Investment & Capital Raising Opportunities: In Blockchain Bonds and Stablecoin creations as well as tokenization of Real World Assets (RWA).

  4. Trust and Fiduciary Services: Provided by Blockchain Trust and Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust.

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority-Elite Diplomacy
Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority-Elite Diplomacy

Special Limited-Time Offer: 


Join our Elite Diplomacy Program today and combine it with any of our blockchain business solutions. For a donation of $25,000, acquire a Diplomatic Passport that includes a host of privileges that protect your personal and business interests. Plus, children under 18 are included at no extra charge.

Embrace a future where your freedom to move, operate, and innovate is unrestricted. With our new Diplomatic Services, paired with our cutting-edge blockchain solutions, you are not just staying ahead of the curve—you are defining it.

Act Now: Opportunities to participate in this elite program are limited. Secure your place and take your business and personal freedom to the next level.


Join the Elite Diplomacy Program

We invite global leaders and prospective diplomats to be part of this forward-thinking program. The inclusion of the International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping (ICCACK) in our consortium underscores our commitment to addressing critical global issues through innovative diplomatic approaches.

This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to leveraging blockchain technology for social good, alongside fostering economic and diplomatic advancements.

For more information and to enroll in the Elite Diplomacy Program, contact:

About Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

At the forefront of integrating blockchain technology into various business sectors, the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority, along with its group companies, is committed to innovation, excellence, and ushering in a new era of digital transformation in corporate and diplomatic arenas.


"Connect, Collaborate, Transform – Enter the World of Elite Diplomacy for Unparalleled Opportunities."

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority-Elite Diplomacy
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