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Signing a Contract

Loss of priced assets and wealth has driven lots of individuals and companies to find the most effective ways to protect their belongings from the always lurking eyes of the Government tax man, creditors and their litigation attorneys.

With continued increase of litigation, or economic Government tyranny, anyone can fall prey to asset predators. Hence, effectively planning your clients asset protection strategy requires experience and deep knowledge, be it in the preparation of domestic trust documents or foreign trust agreements.

The information gap in this special area of law makes it difficult for many practitioners to proffer a perfect asset protection solution for their clients when faced with complicated situations. It’s on this note that Blockchain Trust® is inviting competent Attorneys to help clients with the most effective strategies to go about their asset protection, utilizing decentralized and tax-exempt Blockchain Trust registrations. We are expanding our network of attorneys and would like to invite you to co-counsel with us to protect your clients digital and physical assets.


As an authorized partner in our network, you have a one-stop solution for your Blockchain Corporate and Trust registrations at your fingertips. Starting with free consultations, we take account of all the requirements of your clients to ensure complete and successful registration. You will receive your co-branded web site with full access to your own co-counsel account management, enabling you to manage an unlimited amount of Blockchain Trust registrations for your clients per year.

With our motto, “to empower freedom and growth globally”, we are determined to preserve and protect the assets of your clients under confidential Blockchain Trust structures that are 100% tax exempted.

At the core of the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority® is a team of professionals with over 30 years of experience in tax-friendly company establishments in more than 85 countries. Our expert team is well versed with the inner workings of tax-exempt corporate structures across the world and we are the creators and pioneers of the Blockchain Trust®. Through collective effort, we guide you and your law firm from local incorporation to the mature levels of global Blockchain Trust® registrations under tax exempt and decentralized structures. This will empower your clients not only to protect their digital and physical assets, but in addition, legally reduce their corporate taxes, which is part of proper and intelligent wealth management for any entrepreneur.

Would you like to expand the service offerings of your law firm and be able to launch by tomorrow?


In less than 30 minutes, your own Blockchain Trust® Partner Account can be completely set up to take on any activity you wish to launch. By joining our network you expand your legal practice with sophisticated asset protection strategies by quickly adding critical knowledge – our Blockchain Trust expertise – to your service offerings. 

If you wish to be on the cutting edge of the latest Blockchain Technology and offer your clients the very best Blockchain Trust® registrations across the world for an unbeatable price, register as a Partner today. Your clients will "Thank you" for it. Help your clients to secure their assets today, then show them to kiss taxes and asset predators’ goodbye!


To open your Partner Account click the link to get started…

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

Open a professional Reseller & Partner Account 

Become an authorized Reseller & Partner of the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority. This enables you to register an unlimited amount of Blockchain Trusts and Corporations on behalf of your clients with the fastest incorporation service across the world.

Reviewing Legal Agreement

For Attorneys:
Co-Counsel with Blockchain Trust

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