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What is a Nevis LLC?


Nevis is a different kind of Limited Liability Company that was created on the island of Nevis, West Indies, in the Caribbean Sea. This Nevis Limited Liability Company was developed to help protect assets from asset predators, and the rule that was formed to enforce this was enacted in 1995, with the Nevis assembly amending the ordinance in 2015. Do you want more information about LLC? Just check out the latest information on LLC.

Just like the LLC, the Nevis LLC provides an alternative to corporations and partnerships; any LLC formed under the Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance, gives the entities registered rights and liabilities similar to those who register under corporations and partnerships, only that the Nevis LLC is offshore. These rights include that the liabilities that the business or asset faces, the members will be protected from them. The LLC is liable, therefore, for its own debts.


The small island of Nevis has become the destination of choice for many corporations that want to secure their assets offshore. The island has made secure commitments to protecting the assets of those overseas, who are registered in its domain. An LLC formed in Nevis is legal and may be used for lawful business transactions, locally and internationally. The Nevis LLC offers privacy to its members, as they do not publish lists or names of members or directors in public records. A Nevis LLC does not need annual director fillings, and the identity of the members is not available to external agencies. Because it’s offshore and has strong privacy laws protecting its members, it will be difficult for courts from other countries to seize assets under a Nevis LLC.


Who can obtain a Nevis LLC?

Anyone or a group of people who have a registered business can obtain a Nevis LLC.


How much does it cost to set up a Nevis LLC?


Nevis LLC Formation with an attorney will often cost between $5,000 and $10,000 plus annual Renewal Fees of at least $250.00 to be paid to the Government of Nevis. By virtue of the legislation, a Nevis LLC is required to maintain a registered agent in Nevis. Failure to do this can result in the dissolution of the LLC. These Government regulations and fees are exorbitant high compared to a Blockchain Trust® establishment, which you will realize further below...


Tax Benefits of the Nevis LLC vs. your Blockchain Trust®?

Like a traditional LLC based in the USA, a Nevis LLC is a “pass-through” tax entity, which is basically treated just like a normal U.S.-based LLC for tax purposes. In other words, you have ZERO tax benefits and high setup costs for the Nevis LLC. What's the point?

The Blockchain Trust® is the combination of the Nevis LLC benefits with far lower setup costs and that of the ultra-fast and decentralized Blockchain. While a Nevis LLC will be subject to taxation from the United States IRS or any foreign country since it is traditionally positioned within its jurisdictions, the decentralized Blockchain Trust® is a tax-free entity, because there are no central controlling authorities.

With the Blockchain Trust®, the following becomes possible:

  • You register your own Blockchain Trust® and identify the best strategy for you based on the assets you possess and the intricacies surrounding them.


  • Your Blockchain Trust® is registered on the Blockchain networks, with a unique company registration code.


  • Your Blockchain Trust® can only be identified on the Blockchain network by that unique company registration code.


  • Corporate Shareholders are allowed for your Blockchain Trust® registration, keeping your personal name off the records.


  • The Blockchain network affords you anonymity in the physical world, by giving your Blockchain Trust® a unique identity. For instance, instead of your Blockchain Trust® corporate documents bearing your personal name, they can be kept 100% anonymous and they will carry your unique Blockchain Trust® codes, in the case of legal actions, the ownership of the Blockchain Trust® and the digital or physical assets it holds will remain anonymous.


  • A Blockchain Trust® registration does NOT require maintaining a local registered agent, keeping your setup costs and your annual renewal fees to a minimum. By virtue of the decentralized Blockchain, you are in control of your Blockchain Trust® and the assets it holds at all times without Government interference. 


  • To successfully register your assets in the name of your irrevocable Blockchain Trust® will create an asset protection strategy in which a court must recognize that you no longer have sufficient control of your assets.

  • Should you be forced to recover these assets in the event of a judgment against you, it would be very difficult to say the least.

  • A court has to respect the fact that the ownership of the assets in the Blockchain Trust® is not yours, but belongs to the Trust itself.


  • An LLC may be easier to set up in comparison to setting up a Corporation or a Partnership, but the high cost in Nevis and the lengthy process of registration is something else. The paperwork will take more time, resources, and bureaucratic delays than what it would take to register on the Blockchain Trust®. It takes just 30 MINUTES!!


How much does it cost to set up and maintain a Blockchain Trust®?


  • As stated above the amount of money spent in drafting the necessary documents you would need to register a Nevis LLC formation cost is between $5,000 to $10,000, which is exorbitant high compared to what you would spend registering a Blockchain Trust®. 

  • The establishment and registration of your new Blockchain Trust® on the Blockchain cost only $2,999.00. The annual renewal fees are only $99.00!


Every wise man would make haste while the sun shines!

Join the world’s most secure and trusted platform to begin your guaranteed asset protection journey with your own Blockchain Trust®.

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