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Assessment of DIIF’s Real Estate Assets for Risk Mitigation, introduced by its CEO Stephan Schurmann

Decentralized Innovation Investment Fund (DIIF) is pleased to announce a comprehensive assessment of its valuable real estate assets, which form an integral part of the Blockchain DigitalCity project. This strategic evaluation highlights the potential of these assets for risk mitigation and the growth of DIIF.

I. Overview of Real Estate Assets: DIIF holds substantial land and real estate assets within the Blockchain DigitalCity project, providing a unique opportunity for growth and stability. These assets encompass:

Land Parcels:

  • 20,000 square meters of prime, shovel-ready, urbanized ocean view land, divided into two parcels of 10,000 square meters each.

  • The first parcel is earmarked for 22 loft villas, while the second parcel is designated for Sky Lounge Apartment Towers, featuring 84 ocean view units and penthouses.

  • All necessary building code approvals are already in place.

Real Estate Developments:

  • An impressive ocean view show home spanning 480 square meters, accompanied by 360 square meters of roof terraces.

  • Villa President, currently under construction, boasting 1,430 square meters of living area, an indoor pool, and 500 square meters of terraces, situated on a 6,000 square meters ocean view land parcel.

II. Potential Use of Real Estate Assets for Risk Mitigation: DIIF recognizes the multifaceted potential of its real estate assets for risk mitigation and growth:

Asset Value as a Financial Buffer: The combined value of the land and developed properties forms a substantial financial buffer, capable of providing liquidity when needed most.

Collateralization of Assets: DIIF can leverage these real estate assets as collateral for credit lines or other financial instruments, thereby enhancing its borrowing capacity.

Appreciation Potential: Prime real estate, particularly ocean view properties, typically appreciate over time, serving as a hedge against inflation and contributing to the fund’s asset growth.

Revenue Generation: DIIF can potentially generate rental income from developed properties, such as the Sky Lounge Apartment Towers and Villa President, ensuring a steady income stream.

III. Valuation and Marketability: DIIF is committed to maintaining accurate valuations and assessing market demand:

Current and Projected Valuations: The current land valuation at $60 per square meter, along with projected market values for Villa President and the show home upon completion, indicate significant asset worth.

Market Demand and Liquidity: DIIF continually assesses market demand for these properties to gauge ease of liquidation, if necessary.

IV. Strategic Management of Real Estate Assets: DIIF emphasizes prudent management and strategic planning for its real estate assets:

Diversification within the Real Estate Portfolio: Diversifying property types and intended use (residential, commercial, rental) helps spread risk within the real estate portfolio.

Active Development and Management: DIIF remains committed to actively managing development projects to align with market demands and regulatory standards.

Exit Strategy for Properties: Each real estate asset has a well-defined exit strategy, including optimal timelines for sale or lease, to maximize returns.

V. Conclusion: DIIF’s real estate assets within the Blockchain DigitalCity project offer substantial opportunities for risk mitigation and growth. By strategically managing, leveraging, and potentially liquidating these assets, DIIF enhances its financial resilience, ensuring long-term stability and growth for its Founder Members. These real estate assets not only diversify the fund’s portfolio but also add tangible value, offering both security and growth potential.

About DIIF:

Decentralized Innovation Investment Fund (DIIF) is a leading investment fund dedicated to exploring innovative opportunities within the Blockchain DigitalCity project. With a strong commitment to growth, stability, and risk mitigation, DIIF provides exceptional value to its Founder Members through strategic asset management and smart investments.

About Stephan Schurmann

Stephan Schurmann is the visionary CEO of the Decentralized Innovation Investment Fund (DIIF), Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority (BICRA) and Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, renowned for his expertise in the blockchain industry and his innovative approach to integrating blockchain technology into the financial, investment banking, and corporate sectors. His leadership in offering blockchain banks for sale, digital banking solutions, and investment banking services is unparalleled.

Schurmann, a German serial entrepreneur with over 34 years of experience in offshore banking, digital banking, investment banking, and fintech, has dedicated his career to empowering entrepreneurs worldwide. He is at the forefront of providing investment banks for sale, establishing boutique investment banks for clients across the world, and leading the charge in venture capital trusts and fintech innovations.

His expertise in tax-efficient corporate solutions, gleaned from his journey through 85 countries, has positioned BICRA as a leader in blockchain-based corporate services. The company offers secure, transparent financial solutions for global entrepreneurs and stands out in the realms of investment banking firms and capital trusts.

Schurmann’s deep involvement in the blockchain sector extends to leading Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust and Blockchain DigitalCity Free Trade Zone Financial Park, where he has been instrumental in integrating blockchain into banking and real estate services, setting new standards for security, transparency, and efficiency in the financial and real estate industry, including the tokenization of Real World Assets (RWA’s). His vision encompasses the creation of a banking environment that embraces technological advancements while ensuring customer security and trust.

Beyond blockchain technology, Stephan Schurmann is a thought leader in digital transformation, corporate governance, and sustainable business practices. His commitment to innovation and ethical business practices are hallmarks of his leadership style, as he explores new horizons in technology and finance.

As a sought-after speaker and advisor, Schurmann regularly imparts his insights to international entrepreneurs and advisory boards. He is driven by a belief in the power of technology to create a more efficient, transparent, and equitable world. His writings reflect a deep understanding of blockchain technology and its implications for the future of various industries, making his work invaluable to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Under Schurmann’s strategic leadership, the Decentralized Innovation Investment Fund (DIIF), Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority and Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust continue to set industry benchmarks, cementing his status as a pioneer and innovator in the world of blockchain technology and tax-free real estate developments.

For additional information on DIIF Fund’s innovative investment strategies and to understand how it aligns with your lifestyle goals, please download the 


Stephan Schurmann – CEO

Decentralized Innovation Investment Fund (DIIF)

Tel: +1-587-430-2692

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