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Stephan Schurmann Spearheads Financial Security Revolution with Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust

This initiative, in collaboration with the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority and Blockchain Trust, empowers users to own their Blockchain Bank, establishing a new benchmark in asset security and financial independence.

Stephan Schurmann, CEO of the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority, introduces the revolutionary Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, a platform offering unmatched asset protection and trust in the digital age, leveraging blockchain technology.

Press Release Source: Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

In an ambitious move to redefine financial security, Stephan Schurmann, CEO and visionary founder of the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority (BICRA), proudly announces the launch of the Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust. This avant-garde platform is ingeniously designed to usher in a new era of asset protection, leveraging the unparalleled security and transparency of blockchain technology to combat the evolving threats to both digital and physical assets.

As the digital economy grows, so too does the complexity of safeguarding assets. The Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust emerges as a critical solution, characterized by its immutable and decentralized nature, ensuring that every transaction is permanently recorded on a distributed ledger to resist unauthorized alterations or access.

Distinguishing Features of the Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust:

  • Unmatched Asset Protection: Offering secure blockchain bank accounts for individuals and businesses starting at $2,999, the Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust acts as a fortress for assets, distinguishing itself from traditional financial institutions.

  • Decentralized Security: By harnessing the decentralized framework of blockchain, the bank ensures the integrity and confidentiality of asset data, setting a new standard in asset protection.

  • Global Accessibility: Facilitating transactions across more than 172 jurisdictions worldwide, the Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust enables users to operate beyond the confines of traditional banking, offering a seamless, borderless banking experience.

Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust stands as a unique solution for entrepreneurs, accountants, attorneys, and individuals seeking comprehensive asset protection. It is poised to transform digital offshore banking services, redefining asset security standards, and providing tools to safeguard digital and physical assets globally.

Schurmann states, “With over three decades of experience in offshore banking and blockchain solutions, BICRA is uniquely positioned to offer the pinnacle of asset security and financial freedom. The Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust symbolizes the future of banking, providing a secure platform for decentralized transactions globally.”

Empowering Financial Independence:

The Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust not only serves as a protective measure but also empowers users to establish their Blockchain Bank, setting a new benchmark in financial autonomy and asset security. This initiative allows for an extensive range of fiduciary activities and asset management services, including digital asset management, custodial services, and the issuance of blockchain-based securities.

Why Choose Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust?

  • Versatile Financial Roles: Capable of acting as a trustee, administrator, custodian, and more, the Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust provides a comprehensive suite of services to manage and protect assets.

  • Regulatory Freedom: Operating outside the conventional banking system, it offers freedom from traditional financial regulations, providing a flexible and innovative solution for asset and wealth managers.

  • Crypto-Friendly Banking: Accepting both FIAT and CRYPTO deposits, the platform supports a wide array of financial activities, enabling access to affordable funding and expanding deposit-taking capabilities.

The Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking secure, innovative financial solutions. It exemplifies Stephan Schurmann’s commitment to leading the charge in blockchain finance, offering transformative solutions for entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals worldwide.

Discover the full potential of your financial independence and asset protection with BICRA’s Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust. For more information, visit and

How can a Blockchain Bank & Trust Company Charter be useful for your Business?

This initiative, in collaboration with the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority and Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, empowers users to own their Blockchain Bank, establishing a new benchmark in asset security and financial independence.

The primary benefit of the Blockchain Bank & Trust Company is its ability to engage in fiduciary activities and perform related functions. The Blockchain Trust or Blockchain Bank can have various roles including but not limited to acting as a trustee, administrator, agent, custodian, investment manager, escrow agent, or fiscal or transfer agent. These roles involve taking care of, investing, managing, or handling someone else’s property or your own corporate assets.

Services include digital asset management, custodian and fiduciary services, and the use of Blockchain technology to issue and track shares, deposit-taking, Visa and MasterCard issuance under your own brand, and much more!

Blockchain Bank & Trust Companies are not Banks under the Federal Bank Holding Company Act.

Therefore, a trust company’s parent company does not classify as a bank holding company. The Federal Reserve does not regulate a DECENTRALIZED Blockchain Trust or Blockchain Bank or its affiliates. Their affiliates can do various activities without many restrictions.

Moreover, a Blockchain Bank & Trust company could potentially be a useful part of the overall corporate structure of such a business, if such a business model included fiduciary aspects or required the safekeeping of assets. Decentralized Blockchain Trust & Blockchain Banks can accept both FIAT and CRYPTO deposits. This allows them to expand their deposit-taking activities. It also enables them to access affordable funding through warranties.

These decentralized Blockchain Trust companies and Blockchain Banks have special powers and are not subject to all the rules that banks have to follow. This makes them appealing to asset and wealth managers and traditional fiduciaries. Today, we use the old trust charter in new ways and find it helpful for modern financial services with advanced blockchain technologies.

About Stephan Schurmann and BICRA:

Stephan Schurmann, a luminary in blockchain finance, has revolutionized the financial landscape with his forward-thinking solutions. As CEO of BICRA, he has dedicated his expertise to creating secure and innovative platforms that empower global entrepreneurs and investors. Through initiatives like the Blockchain Bank & Capital Trust, Schurmann continues to demonstrate leadership in blockchain finance, driving the industry towards a future where financial security and independence are accessible to all.


Stephan Schurmann – CEO

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

Tel: +1-587-430-2692

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