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How to bring your tax liabilities down to ZERO?

Learn How Multi-Million Global Corporations are Protecting Their Assets And How You Can Use The Same Or Even Better Strategies With Your Own Blockchain Trust.


The burden of running a multinational corporation is not increasing or expanding but managing all the acquired assets so that sustainability is ensured. If a company invests its resources in businesses, it wants to keep getting dividends for as long as it runs. It becomes the task of managers to decide; how they can manage their resources and how the corporation would maintain their asset's utility for as long as they can. The bigger an organization is, the easier it is for them to be targeted by asset predators and all forms of excessive levies and taxes.

Asset protection is the legal framework that supports the protection and management of assets, granting individuals and corporations the security their assets require to survive economic storms. It is no easy business, but there are steps that corporations and multi-million global organizations take to ensure that their assets are protected.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance protects assets against claims and injuries done to people or properties. In other words, it is a good way to protect your assets against court injunctions in the case of damages done to a person or business. Big corporations are often the targets of big law firms, looking for an opportunity to grab a chunk of the organization's assets through lawsuits. Liability insurance protects the organization's assets from these lawsuits if the organization is liable and covers the legal costs and payouts. Another word for Liability insurance is" Umbrella policy."

Traditional Trust

Trusts happen when an organization (trustor) endows the right to their assets to another organization (trustee) to manage for them; the benefits and remuneration that come from managing the said assets would be granted to a third party (beneficiary).

Trusts have proven to be an effective way to protect assets against creditors; when an organization signs off its assets to a trust, the assets will no longer be in their name, but in the trustee's name.

The trustee, or the organization that will manage the assets, can only manage the assets the way the trustor dictates. Before any trust is established, both parties (the trustor and the trustee) will agree on the terms and conditions of management and the dividends that would be procured and granted to the third party. There are different kinds of trusts, meaning that every organization would agree on the kind of trust they desire based on how the offers meet their needs.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Setting up a Limited Liability Company protects the owners of an organization from liabilities; in the sense that it protects them from liabilities incurred by the organization. It means if a person claims to be injured by the organization or business, they cannot lay claim to any asset outside the assets registered on the LLC. Likewise, it protects the business owners from the injured laying claims to their assets outside the ones in the business.

An LLC is not appealing to creditors, as creditors desire liquid assets and real estate, but not an LLC. Moreover, to lay claim on any part of the asset, they would have to go through a strenuous and laborious journey, which would waste time and sometimes make them spend. Other corporations that offer legal protection for their principals against private liquidation by creditors and lawsuits are S corporations, C Corporations, and Limited partnerships.

Blockchain Trust

The digitization of assets is becoming prevalent as many CEO's and corporations see the need for their assets to be translated from physical to digital. It allows for the ease of transfer of these assets from one location to another, the transparency also because the proof of authenticity will be visible, and the ease of having all of one's assets on one platform for easy management.

Companies like Pfizer began plans for digitization years ago; Walmart was one of the first retail stores to use blockchain technology to maintain their inventory. As a result, these multinationals see the essence of blockchain technology in protecting their assets.

As an eager entrepreneur you will benefit from establishing an irrevocable and tax exempt trust but on the Blockchain. Because it utilizes blockchain technology, it comes with its perks; for instance, if you establish a blockchain trust, you can transfer your assets from anywhere in the world without having to sit with a lawyer to sign bogus documents. Moreover, you can register your own decentralized Investment Banking Asset Management Fund & Blockchain Trust to bring your tax liabilities down to ZERO.


In addition, the registration process is seamless and fast; all of your assets will be in one location, easy to access and highly secured through blockchain technology.

Think asset protection, think Blockchain Trust®

You can register your new Trust company on the Blockchain in less than 30 minutes.

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