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What is the purpose of offshore bank accounts?



Offshore banking involves depositing your hard earned money into an account with a bank, which does not operate in your country. There are numerous different options for offshore accounts, every one of that has a unique benefits. Generally people will choose to stop shore if they've a middle to high amount of cash assets, as offshore banks can make them save on taxes and other fees.

Many politicians and members of local tax departments do not look "favorably" upon offshore banking. That is to express that when they are in people light they don't agree with the practices because by the end of the day, they are losing tax revenue from this money not being kept locally. What is surprising that many of these politicians have rather high net worth's themselves, and the truth is that a good percentage of cash assets are kept offshore, it just isn't mentioned publicly because offshore banking privacy is so strong.

Believe it or not you will find actually several explanations why offshore banking is important. It is part of our global economy and like it or not it is here now to stay. Offshore banking has converted into the best method for high worth individuals and corporation to avoid high taxes and local government's attention for their assets.

Firstly, the people who use offshore banks are most likely the ones who are ultimately "fed up" with their own Government and look at alternatives to even establish their own Investment Banking blockchain Trust. This allows you to keep funds in both liquid (earning general interest) and other medium to long-term investment types.


Imagine what would happen if most of these millions and billions of "offshore dollars" were poured into the area banking systems? Everyone would actually be hurt if this type of move of assets did occur. Because of so much cash being poured into general interest bearing accounts, the interest rate everyone gets would drop dramatically. Other investment types would become inflated and we'd all pay a higher premium for an inferior return. In this example you can see why Offshore Banking is important and how it can help the overall public.

Another example would be the many corporations most of us purchase products from. Take for example Google the search engine. Most of us use the many free product offerings they provide, if it be email, web search, documents online and even other web related tools. The fact remains that Google runs lots of their corporate income and cash through offshore banks. Because of a great deal more favorable banking laws, Google doesn't pay above 30% tax; they really pay significantly less than 10%. This enables them to offer so many great free products (as money can be acquired that could otherwise be taken care of taxes). In regards to the products they sell, they are able to have a less expensive to the buyer as less tax is paid on the sale. Again this really is another glowing exemplary case of


"Why Offshore Banking is important to both corporations and consumers."



Now you understand the benefits of starting your own Investment Banking Blockchain Trust. If you are the one with entrepreneurial zeal to create your own Investment Banking Blockchain Trust or an Investment Fund Blockchain Trust and are tired of searching for professional service providers, we at Blockchain Trust are the one-stop solution for you.


Our management team has over 3 decades of successful track records, including establishing Investment Banks, Offshore Banks, licensed Investment Funds, Real Estate Funds, Capital Trusts and now you can benefit from our expertise by establishing your own decentralized and tax-exempt Blockchain Trusts in less than 30 minutes for only $2,999.00!


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