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Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

The BBC - Blockchain Bank Coin®


The World's First Asset Backed Coin Supported By Your Own Decentralized Blockchain Trust to enjoy tax freedom, asset protection and wealth preservation!

Finally! A new way to securely register your online business

without government intrusion and taxes! 

As an Entrepreneur, What Are The Main Problems You Are Facing Every Day?

You’ve burnt the candle at both ends all year. You’ve sacrificed “your time” to build your "statutory compliant" business, all to be hit with a massive tax bill of 35%, 40%, or even up to 58%. You now have less money to put back into your business and accelerate growth, less to put into other investments, and less money all around to cover your needs and live the lifestyle you want and deserve. Sounds familiar? It’s time to do something different?

The Business/Solution:
Time to establish your decentralized and tax-exempt Blockchain Trust.

This Is The Ultimate Corporate Solution for 100% Tax Freedom, Asset Protection, Liability Protection, Credibility, Anonymity, 100% Privacy, Wealth Preservation and NO Government Intrusion! No technical expertise required. You will enjoy a fully automated and secure registration process as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Welcome to the revolution of doing business in the new economy of decentralized finance (DeFi) with your own Blockchain Trust under international United Nations Laws & Treaties.

Now You Can Register your tax-exempt Blockchain Trust Company in less than 30 minutes from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and for a budget you can afford!

Owning a decentralized Blockchain Trust is the smartest and 100% tax-exempt strategy to secure, buy, register, protect and control your digital and physical corporate and/or private assets. Ultimately, creating a tax-exempt Blockchain Trust will help you to "Be The Bank" to safeguard your personal assets and help you grow your business more profitable.  

We bet; regardless of your industry, you want the best for your business!! Now you can incorporate your own Blockchain Trust and escape Government tyranny. Once your desired Blockchain Trust name is registered, it is blocked from registration by someone else. IT IS YOURS FOR LIFE! Pioneered and created to empower you by the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority®, the most advanced and world's No. 1 decentralized Corporate Registry Authority, running on the Ethereum, Polygon Networks and on Web 3.0.

This enables us to securely register your new Blockchain Trust corporation and other digital or physical assets directly on the Blockchain. We work globally and aid you from registration to complete incorporation services.


Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

Blockchain Trust
Blockchain Trust
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