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Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority
Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

How To Establish Your International Blockchain Bank & Trust
or Blockchain Corporation in less than 30 Minutes?

Now You Can Register Your Decentralized, Tax-Exempt Blockchain Bank & Trust, or Blockchain Company
in less than 30 minutes from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and for a budget you can afford!

Learn How To Protect Your Cryptocurrency in a Blockchain Trust
Asset Protection Blockchain Trusts for Cryptocurrencies, Digital & Physical Assets!

Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority

 Instead of being dependent on any governmental jurisdiction, we have built a decentralized Blockchain Corporate Registry that revolutionized the way entrepreneurs

can benefit from company & trust registrations. Simple enough?

Welcome to the revolution of doing business in the new economy of decentralized finance (DeFi) with your own Blockchain Corporation under international United Nations Laws & Treaties

Owning a decentralized Blockchain Bank or Trust Company is the smartest strategy to secure, buy, register, protect and control your digital and physical corporate and/or private assets. Ultimately, creating a tax-exempt Blockchain Company will help you to "Be The Bank" to safeguard your personal assets and help you grow your business more profitable.


Pioneered and created by the Blockchain International Corporate Registry Authority®.  

Will You Be Our Next Success Story? Become a Proud Owner Today!

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